Internet laws and Regulation

Imagine a world without free knowlege.

Internet regulation

Internet regulation is an extremely important thing in this day and age. The Internet is a very vast area of information where you can put up almost anything, often anonymously. The specific regulation of the Internet is what you can or cannot do on the Internet. There have been many laws put in place to stop malicious actions and illegal activity, and still over 1.5 million people are affected by cyber crime every day ("Cyber Crime; Statistics and Trends.") Often, many people are not caught for some of these crimes. Crimes like pirating music are often not punished, but more serious crimes that are reported can grant someone fines, probation, jail, or even all 3.

Net Nutrality

Some companies, like Comcast, want to be able to slow down or speed up connectivity to specific websites. This is net Neutrality, another form of Internet regulation. If companies are allowed to do this it would mean that connectivity to competitors would be slowed down greatly. This means if someone who uses Comcast for Internet would most likely have a horrible connection to another video streaming website, like Netflix. Often consumers want Net Neutrality, where they have the best connection they can have to all websites, whereas the companies want to pick and choose where consumers get the best connection.