You Tried It, Now You Died From It!

Strategies to Prevent Falling Into Pressure to Smoke

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Why are we discouraged to smoke at an early age?

In most cases, children are targeted when people are trying to get a message across. That's because children believe anything they are told; for example, children start going to school around 4-6 years old to start learning the basics of life. They soak up lots of information and that's what they truly believe. As teenagers we are still learning our role in life, and learning to decipher what's true and false. That's why it's easier to make up a convincing tale on young people. So with tobacco, it's easier to dodge the facts and go for what we feel. To prove this true, 90% of adults who smoke started in their teens.

Now how do we prevent being persuaded into smoking?

Before The Time of Pressure

On your own time, practice refusal skills (by yourself or with others).

You can get together with friends and go over refusal skills.

You can participate at school events that discourage doing drugs.

You can look information on the internet.

You can ask parents, older siblings with good influences, or other positive role models.

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During The Time of Pressure

Give an excuse:

"If my parents find out, I'll be grounded for the entire year."

"My parents are calling, something very important just came up. I really need to go."

"No thanks, if coach finds out I'm off the team for the season."

"I had a family member who smoked, but now (he or she) can't smoke. They're dead.'

Be Firm:

(Look them in the eye)

"No thanks, I'm good."

"NO, I don't smoke, and I'm not going to start!"

"No, I don't want to risk my life."

Be a Broken Record:

(keep refusing)

'NO, and that's final!"

Add Humor;

"No thanks, I don't want sign a contract that will end my life."

"If my parents caught me doing this, you'd never see me again!"

"I thought you liked your life, why ruin it?"

Politely ask why they smoke:

"Don't you want to live and control your life?"

"Why do you take the risk of smoking?"

"Is smoking really worth your life?"

After The Time of Pressure

Choose friends who share your belief in smoking.

-It's easier to avoid peer pressure (about smoking) when you're around people who can support you.

Avoid situations where tobacco products may be used.

-By staying away from these situations, you reduce the chance of being pressured to use it.


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