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Your August Employees of the Month are.....

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Congrats to the Sales Team on the Native Games Account!

AdUs is currently running Native Games advertising in New York City and Las Vegas! Great job to everyone who helped land this account!
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Our first reply time on a new ticket went from 5.28 hours to only 1.65 hours, with 63% of new tickets being addressed within 1 hour. Great job Clarinda and Angela for keeping the new tickets flowing quickly through the system!

Our Customer Satisfaction rating continues to soar. Here are a few of the recent comments we've received on tickets:

  • Updated within a few hours - Thanks!
  • You all went above and beyond on this account. Thank you so much!!!
  • Thanks Maria! You're AWESOME as usual!!
  • Clarinda has been very helpful to anything that I have needed. She is very prompt.

The AdUs spec sheet has been updated. Search the Help Center for Creative Specs to download your copy.

Did you know that you can find all your tickets under My Activities in the Help Center, in addition to in your email? Feel free to update any ticket (via email or the Help Center) if you have any questions/concerns regarding a campaign.

Publisher Support Update

As of Thursday, 8/18 we will have transitioned all of our former Stephens Media sites to the Garcia redesign and scheduling to the GateHouse instance of DFP.

You will now need to schedule any orders for those sites in the GateHouse instance of DFP.

If you haven't checked out the new design, you can find an updated site here:

Thanks to the Publisher Support team and Nick for getting all of these orders transferred on time.

Trade Tip!

Let's double-down on making sure that our retargeting lines are set up as cross-device retargeting. If the campaign isn't set up for such, please make the appropriate changes to make it cross-device. If the client doesn't have a pixel up on their site, please reach out to your rep and let them know, and we'll try to get it implemented correctly. If they are going to continue without putting the pixel on their site, let them know how you recommend reallocating that budget. We do not recommend running campaigns as RT that aren't actually RT.

Also, for any RoE campaigns, please target the TTD custom audience, "All Known Users"

If that audience isn't selectable, go to the data platform for that advertiser, and make a new audience, please name it, "All Known Users". When the screen loads up, there is a magnifying glass in the middle of the screen, click on that and type in "All Known" and the "All Known Users" should show up. Click on that and drag it up. That advertiser now has the "All Known Users" group.

All Known Users are all verified TTD users across all of their advertisers/partners. This will go a long way to ensuring we're not getting as many "bad" users, and should clean up our inventory quality a little bit.

Client Relations Update

With the new workflow processes being established, we are ready to move forward with training our sales team. Alongside Propel, Robert will facilitate a training session on Wednesday August 24th 11am - 1pm. We will go over the new workflow as well as the ins and outs of Sales Force.

The creative juices are flowing for AdUs, as our design team has been working hard on building out new creative for current and potential clients. We have seen great feedback from sales on the designs that are being produced.

Tip of the week: Its always helpful to be on the same page. If your client has given you complex direction, don't worry. We can set up a call with our design team to make sure we are creating exactly what the client is asking for. This will cut down revision time, and get those ads up and running faster!

Product Road Map

Did you Know?

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Pinterest introduced Promoted Video ads , saying video will now be a "core part" of its user experience.

Pinterest is offering the units for a minimum of $500,000, with CPMs ranging from $15 to $20.

Brands can display six Buyable Pins beneath each video as it plays.

Secret Life of Pets
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Check Us Out in the LV Metro Chamber Business Voice Magazine

Our ribbon cutting from the Las Vegas Metro Chamber Business Expo was included in this months issue of Business Voice. Check it out!
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Regal loves to make people laugh & believes that positivity is contagious, and she brings her positivity to the AdUs team, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Regal graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a major in Interior Design and minors in Speech Communication and Business Administration.

When Regal isn’t working she enjoys running and working out and has a passion for coaching track and field (Just be careful if you challenge her to a race because she is extremely competitive!).