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Praise & Prayer Update of Lloyd and Dahl Estrada, Sept 2014

"It's hard to explain."

That is what our sons tell us when we try to learn more about the jobs they do. Ian works for a telecommunications company here in Manila, while Alan works for a software development company in Massachusetts. Both of them love what they're doing, and we always pray that they "Go MAD" (make a difference).

Now, when people ask us what we're doing in Wycliffe, we tease them and say, "It's hard to explain!" Then, of course, we try to explain our involvement in the global Bible translation movement as advocates for the Scripture needs of people groups all over the world.

Last month, we mentioned in our newsletter that we have assumed new roles with Wycliffe Asia Pacific. Some friends wrote and asked where we're based. Well, we're sorry if we did not make it clear that we will be based in Manila. It really is a blessing that we can stay at our own home, with loved ones nearby. We pray that we, too, could go MAD through our new roles.

Last August 27-30, I (Dahl) was in meetings with members of the Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Communication team of which I am a part. Let me introduce them to you. On the photo below, from left to right: FRONT - Ling Lam, me, Cathy Miedes, Jakwa, Erlene Lim, Dawn Kruger (Communication Director), and Taebum Yu. BACK - Andy Min, Sung Chan Kwon (Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Director), and Kyung-Suk Song. I praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve with these friends. Their love for the Lord and their commitment to His mission are inspiring. I would appreciate your prayers for all of us.

Please also consider adding the following in your prayer schedule:

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2. 2014 Wycliffe World Day of Prayer, November 11

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Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the participants of the Wycliffe Asia-Pacific Community of Missional Reading on September 17-19 in Bangkok, Thailand. Lloyd is one of them. Pray for deeper insight into the mission of God as participants reflect on the earthly ministry of Jesus throughout these meetings.
  2. Lloyd is preaching a series of seven (7) sermons based on Galatians 2:20 at the Spiritual Emphasis Week of the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines on September 23-26. Pray for Lloyd's sensitivity to the Spirit's leading as he studies for this.
  3. Dahl has weekly deadlines in her role as a Prayer Advocate. Pray for creativity, perseverance and Spirit-led decision-making as she fulfills her responsibilities.
  4. Pray for our younger son Alan who is looking for the best airfare deal for his planned trip to Manila this coming December. The whole family is looking forward to this long-delayed homecoming.
  5. Pray for Ian, our older son, because he is weighing options for career advancement in the company where he's currently employed. May the Lord's favor be upon him.

Lloyd & Dahl Estrada

Serving as Bible Translation Advocates with Wycliffe Global Alliance, Asia-Pacific Area