Nazi's Must Go!!!

Are we cowards or are we going to protect and serve

Be Brave and Get the Jewish Slaves From the Clutches of the Brat Hitler the Killer!!!!


Now, Tonight, or Tomorrow, you need to decide are you a COWARD or are you going to FIGHT!!! DON'T LET THE ENEMY TAKE YOUR FREEDOM!!!


Men aren't the only ones who need to protect and serve we need your help! You need to carry on the jobs your Men did, so they can go and fight! Do the jobs they can't do because they are trying to do what's RIGHT!!!

Look at what they're doing!!!

Soon this will be here!!!

Let's change this CHAOS that is going on! Let's work on making this world a better place for everyone! Before the world is flooded with BLOOD,let's do something to stop the Nazi's!!!

By: Brittany Ramirez 1st BLK History