Wildcat Weekly (and a few days)

November 16 - November 25

Wildcat Mountain Elementary

Our commitment is to make decisions that consider the student first. Through focused academics, a commitment to character, a positive environment, and a partnership with our community, we direct our attention on educating the whole child.

Celebrating Wildcat Arcade

Thank you to the fabulous Chrissy Kopatich for bringing this innovative, creative project to our Wildcat Students. Thanks to all the teachers who took on this project in their classrooms. This was a winner for everyone!!

This week at Wildcat...

Monday, November 16

Book Fair

Tuesday, November 17

Book Fair

8am BLT Meeting

Wednesday, November 18

Book Fair

8am Staff Meeting - Assessment

Fire Drill during mystery lunch

  • please make sure your students know the cafeteria protocol

Thursday, November 19

Book Fair

9:30 Third Grade Program for Students

4 - 5:30 (SAC) School Accountability Committee Meeting

3 and 7pm Third Grade Program for Parents

Friday, November 20

Treats compliments of Kindergarten

PTO Sponsored Lunches for Fun Run Winners

Monday, November 23

Tuesday, November 24

8am PAC Meeting

Upcoming Events

November 25-29 Thanksgiving Break

Middle of Year Self-Evaluation (MOY)


Just a reminder that the MOY evaluation window is now open. Please remember that the MOY Self-Evaluation is required by all teachers and evaluators. The MOY Self-Evaluation is due by January 15th for both teachers and evaluators. The MOY evaluation deadline for CITE/LEAD is January 31st. Lots of time, just wanted to keep everyone informed.

Book Fair

Saturday: 10 - noon after the Turkey Trot - be the first to shop!
Monday: 8:30am - 6pm Book Fair open
Tuesday: 8 - 9am Donuts with Dads!
Tuesday: 8am - 8pm Book Fair open
Tuesday: 7 - 8pm Book Signing/PJ Night (Preorder Book)
Wednesday: 8:30am - 6pm Book Fair open
Thursday: 8:30am - 8:30pm Book Fair open
Friday: 8 - 9am Muffins with Moms!
Friday: 8am - noon Last day for Book Fair


If you have students who need accommodations or accessibility features for PARCC or CMAS, please complete the Accommodations and Accessibility Request Form.

April 4 - 7 PARCC ELA

April 11- 14 PARCC Math

April 18 - 20 CMAS Science / Social Studies

Holiday Giving Tree

Holiday Giving Tree

Wildcat Mountain Elementary supports families in need over the holidays through our Holiday Giving Tree Program. Families in need are provided with gifts of clothing, toys, and food for the holidays. If you know of a Wildcat family or someone in the community who needs assistance, please give Teresa their contact information ASAP.

Student Leadership Teams

DCSD Assessment Policy

Please read the updated assessment policy for Mandatory State Testing. This outlines how DCSD will handle Mandatory State Testing such as CogAT, ACCESS, PARCC, and CMAS.

Staff Meeting Notes

Click here for notes on Weekly Staff Meetings