Tundra in Canada

By: Kevana Simpson


-Watch the polar lights

-Bird watching



-River floating

-Igloo rental




-Mountain view




You can find tundra places in


-North America:



Abiotic Factors




Native Plants

Some native plants are



-Bear berries

-Red berries

-Green leaves

Native Animals

Some native animals are

-Polar bears

-Arctic fox



Average Precipitation

The average amount of precipitation is 15-25cm.

High and Low temperture

High Temp (summer): 37-54° F

Low Temp (winter): -30° F


Some supplies you may need when you are traveling to the Tundra are

-Winter jacket

-Waterproof jacket

-Warm clothing




-Thick socks





-Sleeping bag




-Global Warming is causing the ice and snow to melt, which could change the population of species that live there.
- Oil spills can decrease the amount of wildlife and change the ecosystem
- Building roads and buildings can put heat and pressure on the ice and snow

Endangered Species

-Polar bears
-Snow owls
-Arctic foxes

Why is The Tundra globally important

It may seem useless during the winter because of how cold it is and all the snow that's on the ground. But when summer comes around, it provides vegetation, and other animals. That provides life for animals like Polar bears, Arctic foxes, and Caribou's to live in the Tundra.