Bay View News

Madisyn Pruetz


As an incentive teachers took time out of class to have a special completion of an MQIT incentive. Students were going to participate in a balloon battle at Bay View Middle School.

They would tie a ballon to there foot and try to pop others without popping their own. Strides would go against each other, each were assigned a color. As students of Aquarius house race around frantically to pop each other balloons, they run around and have fun.

In the middle teachers get the space smaller and smaller for them to run in order to get people out. The last remaining people would go into the small circle standoff in the "circle of death". They don't really die but they come out with one winner. Mrs. Christies stride got into a tie with Mrs. Bahrke.

Discovery World

On April 12th Bay View Aquarius students went to Milwaukee for an educational field trip. They took a two and a half hour drive to Discovery World. It is a great science place with interactive experiments and exhibits.

The students went there for a whole day to play around and learn in the different places. The children could go to an aquarium, mechanics lab, indoor ship, a water filtration, and an energy exhibit. In the aquarium students could explore the touch tank filled with sturgeon and stingrays, watch the fish in a huge Wisconsin fish tank, or even walk through a fish take. Bay View students enjoyed the aquarium the most. "My favorite part of the field trip was the aquarium!"

You can also find out your water weight and learn about the filtration of sewer water in the water lab.

Field trips participants also can create light through a lite bulb while running on a hamster wheel. Two at a time you can hop on and run as fast as you can creating friction and eventually lighting the light bulb.

Aquarius house students were joyful and happy about tesla and his electric story. In the presentation they saw experiments and interactive electricity projects. Some volunteers were making electricity with the turn of a bike. Some even got power surged through them with out feeling it.

In the end the students had a great day at the place and we're happy to have a fun day.

Paper Man

There was once a man at a train station and he saw a girl struggling with her paper. She ran after the paper she dropped trying to stop it from blowing away in the wind. Once they made eye contact they instantly fell in love. One of the papers in the stack hit the woman right in the face. She left him to go onto a train with a paper with a kiss mark from the impact.

He eventually went back to his office and his boss gave him a lot of papers for his job. He looked out the window and saw the girl from the train station in a nearby building. He tried to get her attention but she wouldn't look, so he took his papers and made them into paper airplanes. He threw the airplanes out the window and used all of the paper for his job to try to get her to look. He then had one paper left so he used the paper she left him with, the one with the kiss mark. He threw it but it got caught in the wind and it tumbled to the ground. He was now left alone watching the girl of his dream wants down the busy road and out of his life forever.