The Peacock and the Eagle

By: Patience Peterson

One day an eagle was soaring the sky when he saw a magnificent assortment of colors. As he swooped down he noticed it was a peacock. But before he could approach the peacock he wasn't sure if he would be liked by the peacock since he had no color. So he sadly flew into the sky. But on the other hand the peacock had seen the bald eagle soar through the sky and come down to see her but she thought that he left because she couldn't fly. She then sadly walked off thinking she wasn't good enough for the eagle.

The next day the eagle returned more confident than last time. But as he went down to see the peacock she wasn't there. The eagle decided to look more carefully. As he was looking he saw her standing in the bushes. "Why are you hiding those beautiful feathers" said the Eagle. "I was afraid that you would not like me because I couldn't fly" exclaimed the peacock. As the eagle confessed to the peacock why he left was because he thought the peacock wouldn't like him because of his looks. Surprisingly they found out they both wanted something that they didn't have. when aal of a sudden a wise old owl came out of the woods. He told the two "you always want something you dont have,but you might as well make the best out of what you do have". As the peacock and eagle started thinking about what the owl said he was gone. Many days later they both were the best of friends and put their differences behind them for the better.