App in the spotlight

Week 1, 2014

Book Creator

A great application for students to create their own story book. The advantage of this application is it can be used by all grade levels.

Students can add their own drawings, videos, text and photos to create a book. They can also record themselves reading their text- particularly useful for early writers. You can change text colours and backgrounds also to make it look visually appealing.

It is also user friendly meaning all students will be able to create a book with minimal instruction. When their book is complete they can export to ibooks or save to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive.

How do I intend to use it?- in the first few weeks of Kindergarten my students are working on a "Personal History" unit. They will all create their own "Me" book. They will draw themselves and record themselves talking about their family, add photos of themselves when they were younger. They will also begin to add words to their story by typing and using the pen function. They are also going to co-author a book about starting school and I am going to video them doing a variety of activities and record them talking about school and writing about the places they go and the people they meet at out school. This can then be used for future Kindergarten students about starting school.

Last year my GATS students used it to create an information text about one of the systems in the human body. They typed in information, created movies using iMovie and Animoto to insert into their book and found images from the Internet to insert. This was a great culmination activity of our unit as they were summarising the learnt information and then presenting a multi-media presentation to engage their audience.

Book creator is free and you can purchase the upgrade for $5.49 which allows you to create multiple books. It is well worth it and the great advantage is- this is a user friendly app for both teachers and students. This would have to be one of my favourite book creation apps for the iPad.