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1. Mesopotamia was located in between two rivers. It was an area where people lived. The two rivers it was located between was the Tigris River and the Euphrates River. Mesopotamia means "land between the rivers".

2. The picture.

3. The climate of Mesopotamia(which is in the Fertile Crescent) depends on where you are. In the desert you don't get any rain. But in the mountains there is a lot of rain.

4. Today Mesopotamia is the area around Baghdad which is close to Iran.

5. From Elm City Middle School to Baghdad is about 7,113 miles.


1. Ur, Selucid, Parthian, are Ottoman are some civilizations. Timeline: 2600 BC Ur becomes the capital of a new empire... 300 BC Selucid empire established... 200 BC Parthian empire established... 1500 AD Ottoman empire established.

2. The requirements are:

development of technology, writing, and religion

political and military structure

artistic and cultural activity

social structure based in economic power

3. His laws were important because the laws were written down. Since they were written down they were official and you were expected to follow them.

4. Rules that I thought were interesting-

Rule 22. If anyone is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death. Rule 55. If anyone opens a mans ditches to water his crop, but is careless, and the water floods the field if his neighbor, then he shall pay his neighbor corn for his loss. Rule 186. If a man adopts a son, and if after he has been taken he injures his foster father or mother, then this adopted son shall return to his fathers house. Rule 200. If a man knocks out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out. Rule 211. If a woman of the free class loses her child from a blow, he shall pay five shekels in money.

5. Gilgamesh is an old story that just might have been true. It's about an ancient king of Uruk. Gilgamesh was known as the first superhero. He had many powers. One story with Gilgamesh in it is...

One day Gilgamesh was bored and wanted something to do. He went to the Ziggurat and and prayed for something fun to do. All of a sudden the townspeople screamed! A man/god called Enkidu had come down and started wrestling with Gilgamesh. They soon started to play around and became friends. The townspeople soon realized what was going on and they were glad that there king had a friend and that he would no longer be bored.

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1. In the desert there was wildlife and vegetation that kept people from going hungry. Even though it didn't rain a lot in the desert they were still able to grow crops from the water in the rivers.

2. Today scientists believe that mineral salts were the cause of poisoned fields. The mineral salts concentrated in the upper levels of the fields and it made the plants poisonous.

3. People who lived in Mesopotamia ate fish, fruits such as apples and figs, vegetable stew, nuts, and on special occasions cakes. They drank water almost every meal. Sometimes if they were upperclass they would drink cows milk.

4. They believed that the water would be good for crops.

5. Each year farmers would have to work with the canals to make sure water was getting to there farmland. The process was that each farmer was a allowed a certain amount of water. The water would run from a canal to a ditch that was near the farmers fields.

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1. The Hanging Garden of Babylon was assumed to be literally hanging in the air but actually it was in land. The garden was built in a structure that was made of mud and brick. The reason it is called the Hanging Garden is because of how tall it was. The height of the structure with the plants on it was about 80ft tall.

2. The inventions I chose was...

The wheel- The wheel was an important invention because it helped the people move things around easier. In stead if them hurting themselves from carrying everything they could use the wheel.

The game checkers- This game allowed people to do something fun. The game helped them be smarter also because it made them think.

Cuneiform- Cuneiform is there system of writing. A clay tablet is what they wrote on. It was an important invention because they were now able to communicate a new way.

Hanging Garden of Babylon- This invention was important because it was an amazing sight to look at. And plus to build this garden was a challenge so that entertained the people who built it.

3. Cuneiform is the language they used. It was also how they wrote. The Sumerains were the ones to invint it.

4. The different classes of people were the priests, upper class, lower class, and slaves. Priests were the most powerful. The upper class had jewelry made of gold and very fine quality clothing. The lower class had jewelry but it wasn't made if gold. They also had clothes but it wasn't as good clothing as the upper class. And lastly the slaves. The slaves had no freedom. They weren't paid for the work they did, and they didn't have very good clothing at all.

5. A Ziggurat is a temple. At a Ziggurat people would pray and serve the gods.

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