BY: Susumu Kodai and Son Goku of EFFICIENTENERGIES.CO

Our proposal

Our company EFFICIENTENERGIES.CO would like to suggest a new renewable power plant to power your community, so far we know that you pay for electricity from a fossil-fuel using power plant. But if you had your own power plant that uses renewable energies you won't have to pay that much for electricity. This is what the power plant could be like when constructed.

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wind power

To power the community, we have planned a wind farm, as it uses wind energy which is a renewable energy, and is cheap to harness. Our wind turbines has many new features that will be included to make the community happy about the wind turbines, and to make it the most efficient we can.

1. We plan to use laser equipped wind turbines, these lasers enable the wind turbine system to predict the wind direction and angle of the wind. This allows the wind turbine to capture as much wind as possible and be at top efficency.

2. As some people dislike the noise that wind turbines can make, we also plan to equip the wind turbines with soud dampeners, these devices will reduce the sound output of the wind turbines as much as possible.

3. To maximise the efficency of these wind turbines, we will raise them to 35m above the ground, this allows the wind turbines to capture as much wind as possible, and with the lasers these wind turbines would be super efficent.

This is what the wind farm would look like when completed.

hydro electric energy

As there is a river, we should not let that go to waste, so we also plan to build a hydroelectric dam to generate electricity from water turning turbine blades. Also if there is no wind we can continue to generate electricity from water.

1. Building and having a hydroelectic dam could harm residents, flora or fauna. So we plan to build this power plant and the hydroelectric dam in an isolated area, and in an area where we can't harm any creatures the best we can.

2. Building a dam could be costly, but when it is built it will also act as flood control and keep the water level at a safe level. So it not only powers the community but also protects it from floods.

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example of hydrodam

here is an example of what the Hydroelectric Dam might be like.

solar energy

To maximise the power plants output, we plan to build a solar farm so that we can harness the power of the sun.

1. Some people think that solar energy is low efficency and requires large amounts of land, for this we will plan to use high tech solar panels that will be sate-of-the-art and be more efficent than other, earlier solar penels.

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To be used as a back up we have established a geothermal part to this power plant, it can also be used when the town is short of energy and they need an extra boost, so this geothermal part and with the other sources give an amazing large amount of energy.

1. To maximize its efficiency, we plan to take as much energy we can capture, and we will dig multiple pipes underground.

structure design

there will be a main building that houses a few turbines and three to five generators inside, underground there will be many underground cable systems so the energy can travel to the main building, these cable systems connect to the sources of energy which are wind, water, solar and geothermal. there will be a tall control tower overlooking the dam to control water flow, there is a small radar and antenna on top since this structure is in an isolated area. There will be a long line of power lines that run from the main building towards the town. Estimated cost is about 10-40 million dollars. However could be less could be more.


This power plant is designed to be efficient, reliable and could power the community with low cost, unlike the coal or deisal fired power plants that the community once used which cost alot. And with many sources of energy being harvested, this community would have an almost infinite supply of energy.

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This power plant needs the money needed to build the building, build the cable system, and to maintain it.