Stop the war!

Every day dead 5.000 peoples in war over the world...

Stop the war, many civilians be kill. Because either a substantive, they want to dictate over them all. In Afghanistan have they been war in 2001 to 2010, they dead over 330.000 humans, and 10.000 war soldier, and the rest war children’s women’s and men. The Americans soldiers turn to Afghanistan for they can stop the war. But it did work; the war was more exist, then dead 1.000 Americans soldiers. Stop the war every humans have a heart and feelings, stop whit kill civilians, even if it is a troops the individual is a human like yourself.  Keep the faith that war stop!

it's over....

no but every time we say this, no one hear us. it just a littel grup in the world they step op on it! we need more to step op, so we can stop the war! now it your turn to make the world a better place to live on!

every day are ther war over the world it can't stop if you don't do somthing about it

it's now or never

when i say thet it's mean if the war stay will the world be a battlefield! and we can't do nothing about it!