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Sorting Out Your Day

Sorting Out Your Day

Your day has been filled. Let's take some time to sort out and reflect on the day so you leave feeling comfortable with your knowledge. The list below showcases the tools we discussed today along with a few "Don't Miss" tools that you should check out as well. Get with a partner or group at your table and begin "sorting". I encourage you to have conversations that share ideas on how you plan to use some of these tools.

Use this time allowed to "sort" through things take a second look at tools from today. Feel free explore these new ones, and ask questions. I want you to leave feeling comfortable.

1. EdPuzzle

2. Padlet

3. Seesaw

4. Screencasting

5. Smore

6. Zaption

7. Nearpod

7. Quizlet Live

8. Plickers

9. Google Keep