Panther News

David Harvey - 12/9/15

First Day of Practice

On the first day of practice the panthers were standing in separate groups, The Fayetteville boys and the Round top boys, by the end of the day the Panthers stood together. They became one group, one team, one family. It shows how two rival towns, which had people hate those from the other town simply because of where they are from, can come together and become teammates, and create lifelong memories. Even after football season the Panthers still keep in contact. They are just waiting until next fall where the battle on the gridiron starts again.

A New Offense

The panthers had played a few games, all resulting in losses, they had scored each game , but still losses. The Panthers had a decent offence but they needed something more. Coach Harvey developed a new offence for the Panthers, an offence that only an exceptional defence could stop. The offence was a fast, spread out, no huddle offence. The new offence led to more first downs for the Panthers than any other offence run the entire season. It was virtually unstoppable.

The Panther's First Win

It was the night before halloween and fans from Fayetteville and Round Top were ready to watch the Panthers under the Friday night lights. But even more ready than the fans were the Panthers, it was their first homecoming and it would be their first win. The Panthers took the field to face Conroe and from the start on the game they were on it , nobody could stop the panthers running backs. The whole game it rained on and off, but that never stopped the Panthers, they were going to win and nothing would stop them. Late in the game with the panthers leading a loud smack was heard and the fans cheered ecstatically, the panthers safety had caught an interception and was running for his first touchdown, and the Panther's first pick six. Shortly after the game came to and end and the Panthers came out victorious, It was the first win in Fayette County 6 man history.