Summer Academy STEAM 3-5

Week 3

This Week at the Academy

We've had another fantastic week at the academy. Students are continuing to learn survival skills that would help them in the wilderness. They have been working in partnerships and in groups on various challenges and projects. We're continuing to teach students to use the design process as a way to brainstorm ideas, design, build and test their models.

Water Resources

This week our focus has been on the importance of water. Students have been learning about this valuable resource and how to design and build filters in order to drink safe and clean drinking water. Students researched different types of filters and learned about the desalination process. Take a look at the students in action below.

STEM Synergy

This week we were lucky to have high school interns from Boeing visit the academy. Students were able to learn about STEM related careers and the Boeing company. Students also participated in several rotations with the Boeing interns where they completed various challenges. They learned about designing boats, weaving, and building strong structures that could support the weight of various objects. Take a look at the students in action below.