What We Want In The Rainforest

Loggers in the Amazon - By: Cameron Knipfer

Examples Of What We Want

Us loggers are in the Amazon Rainforest to gather wood for reasons like supplying lumber to factories, to build furniture and tools, and to create an export industry for Brazil. We believe that we are helping everyone by supplying wood for their everyday things. One thing we have learned to ignore is people saying we are "Destroying the Lungs of the Earth". If we didn't log in the Amazon, there wouldn't be enough wood for everything people need. Where would we, the human race, be without the wood that we log?

What We Plan To Do With The Amazon's Wood

What We Plan To Do

All loggers in the Amazon have a common goal, to harvest wood for things that people use everyday. Although people are against us, we continue to gather wood to make life for them possible. I see what they are getting at with us destroying the world, but luckily, groups have sprung up all over the rainforest replanting the trees we cut down. This is called reforestation. By doing that, the people are helping both logging companies and the planet because without trees people can't breathe and the trees they replant can be logged once again later on. We may have to close production for a certain period of time so they have time to regrow.