The OMS Community Newsletter

June 2018

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An extraordinary response to an unthinkable tragedy

On May 19th, the unthinkable happened. It's impossible to describe the pain and sorrow we are feeling from losing so many young lives -- sons, brothers, loved-ones, friends, neighbors, teammates, students, former students.

In the face of such a terrible tragedy, I have seen this community respond with extraordinary unity and compassion. I have seen students leaning on one another for strength and support. I have seen parents showing up at all hours to tie ribbons or drop off food and water. I have seen teachers reaching out to kids with love. I have seen a whole town stop what it was doing to support their families in need, and I have seen these families thank them in return. I have seen other communities lend their support to us in so many ways.

We will never forget May 19, 2018. We will always remember the four young lives we lost that day, and we will continue to be Stoughton Strong.

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8th Graders say farewell to middle school

It’s hard to believe that the end of eighth grade is almost here. The following list is a preview of some important events for eighth graders as they prepare to say farewell to the O’Donnell Middle School.

Career Day

Thursday, June 7th

All eighth graders will attend a series of career presentations during the school day. More than twenty guest speakers will discuss their careers fields with our students.

Stoughton High School Transition Day

Friday, June 22nd

Eighth graders attending or still considering Stoughton High School will visit SHS. This visit will include tours of the building and a club/activity fair. Stoughton High School students, teachers, counselors, and administrators will provide the Class of 2022 with information on academics, athletics, and student life at the high school. A free pizza lunch will be provided for the visiting eighth graders, though students may bring their own lunch if they wish. Students will return to OMS at the end of the school day and be dismissed as usual.

The 8th Grade Dance

Monday Evening, June 25TH

All eighth graders are invited to attend the Grade Eight Dance from 7-9pm in the OMS Cafetorium.

Morning Class Day Activities at OMS

Tuesday Morning, June 26TH

All eighth graders will receive a free breakfast and class gift when they get to OMS, courtesy of the OMS Administration and the PTSO. Students will view photos from their time at OMS. Those students who have purchased a yearbook will be able to get signatures during the Class Day breakfast. At the conclusion of breakfast, all eligible students* will head up to SHS for the Class Day Ceremony.

The Class Day Ceremony at the Stoughton High School Auditorium

Tuesday Afternoon, June 26TH

Eighth graders who have successfully completed the academic program at OMS will attend the Class Day Ceremony. Seating is limited, so each student will receive two (2) tickets along with a Class Day invitation and itinerary. Only those with tickets will be allowed into the event. Students will walk to the Stoughton High School auditorium from OMS for the ceremony. A brief reception will follow in the SHS Cafeteria. Students will be dismissed at the conclusion of the reception from Stoughton High School.

We will miss you 8th graders, and we wish you the very best as you move on to high school!

8th Grade Class day

...from the OMS Student and Parent Handbook

The Class Day Ceremony celebrates the successful academic completion of the O’Donnell Middle School. Students who have not met the criteria for promotion do not participate in the Class Day Ceremony; this includes students who will repeat eighth grade as well as those who will need to complete Summer School in order to be promoted to ninth grade. 8th grade students with an outstanding financial obligation may not be allowed to participate in the Class Day Ceremony.

Promotion and Retention

...from the OMS Student and Parent Handbook

In order to be promoted to the next grade:

1. A student cannot fail more than one of the following classes for the year: Math, Science, Social Studies, English.

2. A student may attend summer school, at the students’ cost of $225, if he/she has failed two subjects for the year.

3. A student failing 3 or more subjects for the year may only attend summer school with the permission of the principal. All grades, behavior and other factors will be taken into consideration.

Bus Info!

The Late Bus has stopped running for the rest of this school year.

The Stoughton Public Schools Pay and Ride bus transportation registration for the 2018-2019 school year is through Wednesday, June 27, 2018 only!

You can access the bus application by clicking on the link below.

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O’Donnell Middle School Students take Norfolk County Awards in Statewide Arson Watch Rewards Program Poster Contest

For the first time in school history, members of the Robert G. O’Donnell Middle School participated in the 36th annual Arson Watch Reward Program Poster Contest. The contest is sponsored by the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA), on behalf of all property and casualty insurance companies of Massachusetts.

The annual poster theme is “Fire Prevention – Everyone/Everyday”.

Statewide, each county holds a countywide contest for all students in grades 6-8. First and Second place county winners are chosen by an impartial panel of judges. In preparation for this year’s contest, Lt Gregory Goldberg, the Stoughton Fire Department’s S.A.F.E. officer (student awareness of fire safety) addressed all of the 7th grade art classes and discussed fire safety topics with all of the students. Art teacher Kelliann Jarasitis had students work on posters in class for the contest. Of these students, 39 posters were entered in the contest.

We are proud to announce, two students from the O’Donnell Middle School took both first and second place for Norfolk County. These students are:

· Jaelyn Williams - 1st Place

· Drew Cesario - 2nd Place

All First place county winners were entered into the Massachusetts Statewide Contest. An award ceremony was held on June 6, 2018 in honor of all county winners. Staff from the O’Donnell Middle School and the Stoughton Fire Department, along with the two students and their families attended the ceremony. The students' artwork may be used in the AWRP Poster Contest 2019 Calendar. Congratulations to the students on their advancing to the statewide contest.

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Summer Reading 2018

Please take a moment to review our new and improved summer reading selections, requirements, and resources. Students and families will find all of the information they need on the "summer reading" page of our school website. There is no more important habit for a young scholar than reading. Click on the link below to take a look.

A Message from the School Nurse

Enjoying the outdoors is important for your health and wellness. But there are risks associated with unprotected exposure to the sun.

A few basic Sun Safety measures can help protect your child’s skin during the school day:

· Applying sun-screen prior to school that is SPF 15 or higher

· Encouraging your children to wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses during outdoor activities

· Dressing children in cool, comfortable clothing that covers the body, like lightweight cotton pants and long-sleeved shirts

In Massachusetts’s schools, sunscreen is considered an over the counter medication. The required medication forms are available from your school nurse and must be completed prior to the application of sunscreen during the school day. Sunscreen must be provided by the parent and kept in each school’s health office.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your children from sun exposure, please visit:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Academy of Pediatrics

En Espanol

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Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey visits OMS

Each year, Team 8B makes and sends care packages for active duty soldiers as part of a community service project.

This year, Team 8B got a visit from Massachusetts State Trooper Mike Child and Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey on May 29th.

As a former 8B care package recipient, Trooper Child discussed his military experience and the impact of the care package project. The DA discussed the importance of active citizenship and being an involved member of the community. Allison Hynes, an Assistant District Attorney with Norfolk County, was also at the presentation.