Bataan Death March

April 1942

History & The March...

On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The U.S. joined the Allies in World War II and fought against the Axis, which was Japan, Germany, and Italy. Not long after the attack, the Axis Powers had captured Manila, the capital of Bataan, and quickly gained control of the Bataan Peninsula. When General Edward King Jr. surrendered the Bataan Peninsula, there were around 70,000 troops on the Allies side. This is known as the largest amount of troops to sub miss. The Allies had surrendered the peninsula and the incidents following were truly tragic.

When the Axis Powers fought Corregidor, they led their prisoners on a forced march out of Bataan. This march was 65 miles leading to prison camps in which the Allies would be staying if they survived the march. The Axis Powers grouped the Allies into groups of 100 to better manage all 75,000 troops. The troops were beaten and starved. The main cause of death was torture and disease.

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