Rebel without a cause!

By Demi Christofferson


My Character is honest because he want to talk to the cops to tell what had happened with the crash. He is also very sincere, He helps out Judy when she needs help and acts like a father figure to Plato. He gets mad very easy because when they call him a chicken, he want to fight them. He also moved because he got into a fight at his old school.

Jim's Family

Jim's family life is a very strange one. His mom is very strict and controlling and his dad has no back bone and lets his mom push him around. Jims grandma is there too, and she undermines the dad about everything. His family life is ruff and it make Jim just lose it sometimes. But he is very down to earth and normal compared to the rest of them.

In the movie Jim was angry toward his new school and Judy's gang, but he learns that this school isn't so bad and he doesn't want to move any move. He also learns that somebody does look up to him as a role model and that he can care for another person.

The Red and Bule Socks!

Plato is wearing red and blue socks in the video. This stand for his family life, it is mismatched and mingled. This also is a symbol for his innocents and simple life.

Main Lesson?

The lesson is that even if your life is bad, you can make it better with good friendships. Just like all of there family lives, and then they meet each other to create a family.

How is Romeo an Juliet compared to this movie?

So similarities are that they only have known each other for 3 day, a big tragedy happened, and two teens fall in love.