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Who is Dionysus and what is he known for, and why do we have to study him?

Get to know Dionysus:

What is Dionysus known for, he is known fro being the god of wine, wine making, and fertility, but at a later date in time he was also consider a patron of the arts. Dionysus is the only god with a mortal parent, Semele. But his dad was the king of the gods, Zeus. In the Myths, he is also one of the only characters that can bring people back from the underworld. But he was also brought back from the underworld, after being ripped to pieces by the Titans on Hera's order. He was brought back to life from the Underworld by the titan Rhea.

Symbols, How he got his name, and the wife of Dionysus

Some of the symbols of Dionysus are wine barrels, the flute, and a thrysos. But his sacred animals are both the Tigers and the Panthers. The origin of how Dionysus got his name is still a mystery today. But according to a poet, named Pindar, it probably derives from Nysa, and Zeus, both have special meaning to Dionysus. Nysa was the mountain he was born on and Zeus was his father. Dionysus was married to a women by the name of Ariadne, who at the time of their marriage was the Princess of Crete.

Family,Names,Personality, What is he known as?

Dionysus has a combined total of 14 brothers and sisters. He was primarily known as the God of the Vine because he controlled the Grapevines that he made his wine from. His Roman name is Bacchus which comes from Bacchanalian, The personality/style of Dionysus is Lightheartedness, and will give anyone a helping hand who needs it.

Myths about Dionysus

The first myth is called The Pirates. In the Pirates he saves his wife from a couple of kidnappers. The second myth is called Pentheus. In Pentheus he escapes from a prison cell and finds the person who did this and throws him in the ocean, and then rejoins his followers. In the last myth is called Midas. In Midas, Dionysus gave one gift to King Midas after he rescued and nursed one of his followers back to health. The gift that Midas chose was that what every he touched it turned to gold.

Birth, Sacrificial Name, and When he rose to heaven.

Dionysus was born on December 25, or Christmas Day or the Winter Solstice. He rose to heaven on March after ascending from the Underworld. His sacrificial title is either Dendrites or Young Man of the Tree. This either indicates that he was either hanged on a tree or was crucified on a tree.