Digital Citizenship Update

Adkins Elementary School

A Note from Mrs. McLarty

Dear Adkins Parents,

Our school is striving to become a Digital Certified Campus through Common Sense Media. As part of the requirement to meet this certification level, our students will receive instruction in Digital Literacy and Citizenship throughout the year. Each of the lessons follow the curriculum set forth by Common Sense Media.

This week our second cycle of lessons will begin with our librarian, Mrs. O'Rear, and counselor, Mrs. Pittillo, co-teaching these lessons to our students. These lessons are scheduled on Thinking Thursday when classes rotate through their guidance time. Your child will receive a Family Tip Sheet as part of the certification requirement for parental involvement. I invite you to ask you child what they have learned, and give them the opportunity to share with you.

We appreciate your support as we build a united front to ensure all of our students are digitally safe.


Emily McLarty


The focus for each lesson during this cycle is shown below.

Kindergarten: My Online Community

(Relationships & Communication)

Lesson Link:

Parent Tip Sheet:


First Grade: Follow the Digital Trail

(Digital Footprint & Reputation, Privacy & Security)

Lesson Link:

Family Tip Sheet


Second Grade: Screen Out the Mean

(Cyberbullying & Digital Drama, Relationships & Communication)

Lesson Link:

Family Tip Sheet


Third Grade: Super Digital Citizen

(Self Image & Identity, Digital Footprint & Reputation)

Lesson Link:

Family Tip Sheet


Fourth & Fifth Grades: Digital Passport: Twalkers & Share Jumper

(Communication & Privacy)


Students learn why it's important to avoid multitasking with a cell phone. They consider the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.

Share Jumpers

Students evaluate examples of online messages. They decide what information is appropriate to share and when. Students are also reminded that nothing is truly "private" or "erasable" online.

Family Tip Sheets:

Resources located at Common Sense Media