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Early Thursdays

Thursday before Friday off is eight hours so payroll will be exactly 80 hours. We all have Thursday and Friday off this week so no one will be over working and you work your normal schedule for tomorrow Wednesday. Next week is a different payroll and next week Thursday you can work the usual schedule and leave the hour early.

Vaping in the Workplace

We recently realized there is a Chicago ordinance under the Smoke-Free Illinois Act that bans use of electronic cigarettes in indoor public places (including all private workplaces). Please be aware we do not allow Vaping/E-cigarettes in the office effective immediately.

Merry Christmas

We are extremely proud of each one of you and the growth you have demonstrated over this past year. We appreciate your dedication in really getting to know what this company is about your contribution have not gone unnoticed and we look forward to sharing many more years with you. THANK YOU Merry Christmas enjoy your time off.