Got Mary?

For success, choose the best! Vote Mary!

A vote for Mary is a vote for YOU!

Mary wants what is best for the 8th graders at PAUS, and wants to spend the rest of the year focusing on what needs to get done and how to get it done. She wants to start raising money for the end of the year field trip, have better transitions and longer recess. We want a lot to get done, and Mary knows how to get it done. Her experience in student government at Tobin and the many leadership classes she has taken have shaped her into a reliable leader and have given her the knowledge she needs in order to accomplish our goals. Mary wants what is best for the 8th grade and is willing to listen to anyone who has something to say. Mary wants to be YOUR voice, and a vote for Mary is truly a vote for YOU. She is just like you, a student who is new to this school and isn't satisfied with the things that are going on. Mary understands the problems and concerns that have been brought up, and will do her best to address them for the good of PAUS.

"Can I trust Mary?"

Of Course! A word from Mary herself...

Hello everyone!

I am running for 8th grade class representative, and many have asked, "Why are you running?", and the answer is pretty simple. I am tired of students not getting a say of what goes on in the schools, and not having any power. It is our education, and this is our school, so shouldn't we have a say in what happens?

Now the problem is, you have about 77 students with 77 different views, and you want to address every single problem that 77 students have, which is a lot. Student Government is the quickest way we can address problems about lunch and field trips. But, there is a problem with Student Government, and that is finding the right people to lead the school and be the voice for the students.

I believe that I can be that voice for YOU, and that I will stick to my promise of being that voice. We all have different ideas and opinions, but the people we vote in are the ones who will address those in the meetings that will occur. I know many students from 8-D and the Princeton Tigers, have talked to me about lunch and transitions. I know that I have shared my ideas with those students, and ways we can fix a lot of the problems. If you ask those students what I had said, or even come to me and ask about my ideas I will tell you because I believe you should know the ideas bubbling inside my head. But most importantly, I believe that YOU should know what's in my head so we can come up with better ideas TOGETHER.

The plans I have talked to people about, and are brewing in my head will hopefully satisfy what we want. One of them is how to make lunch a much more enjoyable time. We aren't happy with the assigned seating and feel as though we should have the freedom to choose where we want to sit. There are many different sides you can look at. One could be that you get to know your classmates better and build that connection needed in order to have an awesome class or that it is the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind. The reason we have assigned seating is because it makes transitions to class easier, but it hurts US because we can't sit with OUR other friends. I want to push for unassigned seating because that is our break from school, 30 minutes of free time so we can chill and talk to our friends. I don't have classes with many of my friends, so I understand how it feels not to sit with your "bestie" or "bro". But in order to get unassigned seating, we need to show teachers that we are ready for class as soon as we get picked up from lunch, and WE can only do that if we have EVERYONE pitching in. Remember, I cannot do anything without YOU, we need everyone in order to succeed.

We also have the problem of knowing whether or not we can trust the people we are voting for will do what we ask of them. Questions like, "Can we trust them?" or "What are they going to do?" have come up a lot. You can trust me because I promise to be your voice. I don't want to be in Student Government for myself, but for YOU. You can't have 77 students in a student government, but you can have six. I want to be a part of that six, representing YOU. Of course, I will have my own ideas and opinions on matters but, that is because I have gained wisdom from past experiences in student government and leadership groups that I will use in making the right decisions and doing the right actions. I will support the students of PAUS, so we can have a successful school and a great year! The only thing is, I need YOU in order to be successful. We can't do anything unless I have YOU, and only YOU supporting me.

So, do everyone (and me) a favor and please come to talk to me or send me an email at, or share a GoogleDoc ( ) if you have an ideas, questions, or concerns. I would be delighted to answer anything to the best of my capability, and talk about solutions with you.

Remember, I am just like YOU but, I will be a voice for YOU.


Mary Gashaw 8-1D, 303

Making the world a better place since 1999; Mary, born to lead.