Digital Citizenship

By:Kywren Phend


  • don't do 2 things @ once
  • don't text while someone is talking it is rude/disrespectful
  • don't text and drive can get in car accidents, horrible things can happen
  • accidents can happen when you do more than 2 things
  • will not learn any thing while texting in class
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  • do not be down stander

  • ask be fore posting a picture of sum 1

  • don’t send in appropriate pictures

  • stand up 4 people

  • don’t be a bully

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Share jumpers

  • don’t give out personal info

  • don’t give u your credit card number

  • don’t say how much money u have

  • don’t tell people your password

  • don’t share your address

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mix and mash

  • don't copyright
  • don't plagiarize other people
  • change information and put it in you own words
  • plagiarize is when you copy some ones work and call it your own
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