Christ's Young Professionals

Live full. Love much. Pray always.

What is Live High?

Aimed at bringing the singles and young professionals to a closer encounter with oneself, and develop a deeper relationship with their families, others, and with God.

A weekend that involves activities that will help and guide young professionals in realizing their aspirations, inner strength, and rediscovering their relationship with the loving God.

Live High Program

Friday, 13 May 2016

6PM: Registration

7PM: Dinner

9PM: First Talk: Good Teacher, What must I do?

10PM: Closing Prayer / Announcements

Saturday, 14 May 2016

5:30AM: Wake-up Call

6:30AM: Morning Praise and Worship

7:30AM: Breakfast

8AM: Second Talk: Encounter with Self

9:30AM: Third Talk: Encounter with Family

12NN: Lunch

1PM: Fourth Talk: Encounter with Others

2:30PM: Fifth Talk: Sacrament of Reconciliation

5PM: Sixth Talk: Encounter with God

6PM: Mass

7PM: Dinner

8PM: Sabado Nights

Sunday, 15 May 2016

5:30AM: Wake-up Call

6:30AM: Morning Praise and Worship

7AM: Breakfast

8AM: Healing of Memories

10:45AM: Mass

12:45PM: Lunch / Check-out

Live High Retreat Talks

Good Teacher, What Must I Do?

Speaker: Marc Alejo

  • Prepares the candidates for the Weekend by asking the basic questions in life: What is my purpose? Where am I vis-à-vis my self, my family, others and God?

Encounter with Self

Speaker: Tep Misa

  • Masks that we wear prevent us from knowing our real selves. If we go beyond these masks, then we discover our real selves, with all our gifts, talents as well as faults, that we can share with others.

Encounter with Family

Speaker: Red Feria

  • Our family is our “little church” but is also fraught with conflicts between parents and siblings. Jesus message of love and forgiveness help us reconcile with one another and enable us to move on with God’s plan in our life, while bringing our family closer to Jesus.

Encounter with Others

Speaker: Beda Manalac

  • No man is an island. We interact with others, and love (as defined in the Bible) should be the basis of our relationship.

Meeting Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Speaker: Danilo Degollado

  • A talk on the value of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is not just a ritual, but an encounter with Jesus who loves and forgives.

Encounter with God

Speaker: Fr. Orly Sapuay

  • The real profound encounter. We are not complete unless we encounter God in the events of our lives.

Forgiveness Prayer

Speaker: Daphne Alina

  • To heal wounded relationships with others (especially parents and family) and with God. A pre-requisite to experiencing God’s love.

Healing of Memories

Speaker: Ting Valdez

  • A follow-up to the Forgiveness Prayer. Goes deeper and farther. Emotional outpouring of past hurts through praying over and embrace of individual ministers. Discovers that God’s love is felt when relationships are healed.

What's Next (After Live High)

Speaker: Bryan & Mai Cue

  • The participant who has accepted self, is “healed,” and now ready to share God’s love, is introduced to how he or she can share self through CYP.

#DiscoverYours Series

#DiscoverYours Series: Lala Balaoing
Lala has discovered that God brought her back in the right path. What's in store for you? #DiscoverYours soon with Live High.
#DiscoverYours Series: Joobey Reyes
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