Thornhill Elementary PFC Newsletter

Volume 24, Issue 24, February 24, 2017

From The PFC Co-Presidents

Happy Friday Thunderbirds-

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the 3 day weekend!

As we settle into the second half of our school year, I thought I'd use this week's newsletter to share a bit about why joining - and eventually leading - Thornhill's PFC was important and ultimately so rewarding for me. I realize that while I have met many of you over the years, there are still so many of you I haven't yet had a chance to get to know.

When we came to Thornhill, ​I wasn't 100 percent sure ​what my contribution to the school community would be, but I was eager to do my part. When faced with this decision, it is often referred to as "time, talent or treasure." Will you choose to give your free time? Will you offer your unique skills to solve a problem? Or will you make a monetary contribution to a worthy cause? Ultimately, ​I decided to offer my project management skills ​and​ I​ signed up to be the organizer of field trips for ​my daughter's​ class.​ I immediately felt the sense of community and reward that came with participating in the development of the children who would share this special time with my daughter.

When my father unexpectedly passed away, ​I was immediately surrounded by the support of my daughter's fellow classmates' families. They picked up in areas where I fell short, encouraged me and supported my daughter in my absence. This is the spirit and foundation I have grown to love in our Thornhill community.

Of course I have had my complaints ​over the past four years. But, I soon realized that I felt better and I saw results when I committed to being part of the solution instead of endlessly complaining to my husband and fellow parents about the problems. ​Who knew that four years later I would ​be so invested in our school community that I would happily assume the ​rol​e​ of​ PFC President ​along ​with my awesome co-president Shauna Fithian. It's a humbling experience to now sit in this position. Although not a perfect system, I am in awe of the wonderful people that donate their time, as well as​ skills and fund​s, to continue to make this community ​thrive​. All of the amazing support systems we have here at Thornhill, including our wonderful aides, one of our music teachers, our librarian, our technology teacher and all of the awesome programs to support our children's literacy and math comprehension, not to mention our continual growth in diversity, make Thornhill the special place it is.

Shauna and I have learned that not all of the PFC’s hopes and dreams for our community can happen instantaneously or without the disapproval of a few, but we are committed to the goal of excellence. What drives us to do this magnificent task is our love for Thornhill Elementary. We know that our community is filled with​ the​ gifts and talents​ of many and however you choose to contribute is much appreciated and never forgotten​.

We are grateful for all you do!

In a few weeks our auction, “A Spring Night in a Blue Garden”, will take place on March 11. I urge everyone to come out and socialize with your Thornhill community, teachers and staff in a new setting. It promises to be an amazing evening with lots of fun! We are still in need of donations for the auction. If you can help in any way, small or big, it will be greatly appreciated.

As we rapidly approach our annual auction and look forward to our remaining fundraisers for the year, I am personally challenging each of you to think of how or what you will contribute. I am sure many of you have heard the news of the current situation of budget cuts as it relates to OUSD. It will impact us all, so please help us in our fundraising efforts to make our school go from good to great and to maintain the things we all love about our community. Please donate your time, ​talent or treasure in any ​way you see fit.

If you have yet to contribute​ this year​, or you are unsure of how to start, please reach out to us at ​ Also, please come to our monthly meetings and let your voice be heard​. We love hearing new ideas and we certainly don't claim to have all of the answers​. Our next meeting is March 14 at 6:00 p.m. Childcare is provided for Tho​rnhill​ students.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the playground, in the classroom and at the next PFC meeting!

Have a great weekend,

Shanyn Lloyd

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Auction Update--Two Weeks To Go!

The auction preparations are in full swing and we are excited about what we have already put together! But, we need your help to get a few more things done.

First: Get a ticket at

Second: Please sign up to help around the auction at:

You can also sign up in the lobby of the school.

And last but not least: Be excited! This will be a really fun event: You can shop around and do something good for the school of your child. You can have a drink (or two) and chat with your child’s teacher and other parents, eat some Mezedes – a Greek-Mediterranean appetizer - and then dance for the rest of the evening.

More Notes about the auction!

There will be an online auction! Check out the camps and classes which will go on sale on Monday, February 27.

You have a little business? Let the Thornhill Community know and buy an ad in our auction catalog! Just sent Solvig an email at if you are interested or need more information.

You can still donate to our auction. Please contact Solvig at with any ideas.

Donation Drive For Animal Rescue Foundation

The Thunderbirds' Brownie Troop 31187 is holding a donation drive to support ARF - Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation, headquartered in Walnut Creek.

ARF saves dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters and brings people and animals together to enrich each their lives. ARF strives to create a world where every dog and cat has a home, where every lonely person has a companion, and where children learn to care.

What you can donate:

- Used blankets, towels, bath mats, preferably with rubber on one side.

- New dog and cat toys: balls, ropes, chews, etc.

- Used stuffies, preferably without buttons, but even those can undergo "stuffy surgery."

- Unopened cans or bags of cat or dog food for the food sharing program.

- Tiny BART tickets - Tickets that have small amounts left, that you might otherwise discard. These are turned into cash to support ARF's causes.

Our donation box is located outside the multi-purpose room, and will be there through most of March.

For more information, visit the ARF website at

Join us by "taking action to help improve the world around us!"

Many thanks from Brownie Troop 31187

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Dads Club -- Thornhill Night At The A's

Spring Training is underway, and our hometown Oakland Athletics are down in Arizona getting ready for the upcoming season.

And Thornhill's Dads Club is also getting ready for what is always one of the year's most-popular events, and fundraisers: The annual Thornhill Night at the A's.

This year's night will take place on Friday, April 21, when the A's face the Seattle Mariners (the hometown and favorite team of your humble newsletter editor, Rex Crum). Thornhill Elementary School students, parents, and their friends and families can purchase discounted tickets in two different seating sections. And a portion of each ticket sold will go directly back to the school.

There will also be a pre-game set up with a food truck in the Coliseum parking lot. And we expect Stomper, the A's mascot, to make an appearance before the game.

Purchase your tickets here:

We'll see you at the ballpark!

Class Photos

The class photos are now available. If you purchased a packet or an individual class picture, please come by the office Monday after school to pick up your picture.
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Box Tops Contest Results!

Thank you to everyone who clipped and collected Box Tops for our contest.

I’m pleased to report we collected a total of 2,141 Box Tops! So that is $214.10 earned for Thornhill. YAY!


1st Place: The student that brought in the most Box Tops was Sophia Ho (Ms. Novak’s class, 4th grade) with 190 Box Tops. She will receive a $20 gift card to A Great Good Place for Books.

2nd Place: Ruby Plue (Bernard, 5th grade, with 169 Box Tops)

3rd Place: Genevieve Stanwick (Watson, K, with 110 Box Tops)

Classroom Winner:

The classroom that collected the most Box Tops was Ms. Forbes’ 1st grade class with 218 Box Tops so they will get a Cupcake Party next week! (It was very close. Ms. Watson’s Kindergarten class and Ms. Novak’s 4th graders also collected over 200.)

Winners of Drawing:

Forty-one students turned in a Collection Sheet. All were entered into a drawing and the following 5 lucky students each win a Yogofina $5 gift card:

Lily Crum (Thompson, K)

Phoebe Shank (Thompson, K)

Lani Anderson (Forbes, 1st)

Alex Duarte (Gustafson, 3rd)

Dolkar Sherpa (Townsend, 3rd)

Please come to the office to collect your gift card.

We will be having another Box Tops Contest starting soon. More details to come!

-Amy Teeling

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