Different Perspectives

Jeremy Cleark


  • how the body and brain enable emotions, memories, and sensory experiences Neuroscience Perspective-inside the individual, functioning of the brain and other systems of the body and how they effect behavior.
  • The Phineas Gage case with is brain injury.


is a theoretical approach to psychology that attempts to explain useful mental and psychological traits-such as memory perception or language-as adaptations as the functional products of natural selection

Behavior Genetics

The study of the influence of an organism's genetic composition on its behavior and the interaction of heredity and environment as they affect behavior.


  • Personality theory that says behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflict
  • Ex. hypnosis to trace one's repressed memories to explain a behavior.


  • studies observable human behavior focusing on how we learn, react and manipulate our enviroment.
  • Ex: Setting up an incentive system in order to get your child to do chores. They do a chore, they get a token, at the end of a certain amount of time they turn their tokens in for something larger


  • Is the school of Psychology it studies the mental processes.
  • Thinking, feeling , remembering, making decisions and Judgement.
  • Ex:when you feel anxious about public speaking, what's going on in the brain is an established behavior pattern, which is enabled by neurons connecting into a neural pathway...a physical connection. See audience, imagine their critical thoughts, think about my imperfections

Social Cultural

  • Is the interaction between people and there culture they live
  • study how people influence one another first impressions , interpersonal attraction, attitude formation , prejudice, behavior in a group obedience to authority.
Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology Summary

Evoloutionary Psychology is basically a explanatory framework that has implications for understanding all phenomena. humans as products of natural selection thereby not conceiving of our species as somehow immune from the laws that govern the natural world. It is thereby a humbling perspective in some respects.

Social Cultural Psychology

Social Cultural Psychology perspective is how an individual mental functioning is related to cultural institutional and historical context hence, the focus of the social cultural perspective is on the voices that participation in social interactions and culturally organized activities play in influencing psychological development.
Cultural Psychology & Social Behavior: Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination and Racism