Lincoln memorial

by Larry Feldman and Zane Cohen

description of place

Lincoln memorial is a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln . its made of marble, there are many things to do there. There is a museum of all the good things he has done for America and the world . Its is located in Washington DC.

history of place

In 1922 when the lincoln memorial, although torn by the civil war , america felt united like never before. Martin Luther King spoke a speech, “I Have A Dream” during the civil rights movement here. It created a movement so the racism wouldn't be such a over power in society.

Events or Trends

One of many famous events that happend was the Martin Luthers “I Have A Dream” speech on the Lincoln memorial looking over thousands people on the reflection pool.

Association with individuals who made a lasting contribution

Abe gave the gettysburg address that shows that everyone in the civil war died in vain. Abraham Lincoln the 14th amendment which abolished slavery. Lincoln was the 16th president of the united states.

importance to Community:

The importance of the Lincoln Memorial is to remember all the good things he did for America. As the 16th president he did many things that is now still in use like slavery.

Contribution to Public

The memorial teaches you about the Gettysburg Address and the 14th amendment and overall history of the United States.
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Arcitectual Merit

1.It is a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair with the american flag on his shoulders. looks like a courthouse
3.big columns in the front of the statue

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