SEI Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Friday, June 17th, Summer Enrichment Institute

Science Fair-volunteer

Parents, as you know our SEI students are working on science projects that will be displayed and judged at our very own Science Fair on Friday, June 17th. We could use your help in transitioning student work from our science classroom in Van Allen Hall to MacBride Hall where the projects will be displayed. The time to do this would be from 11:30am to 12:30pm on Friday, the 17th. If you can volunteer in this or other ways please complete the form below.

Closing Ceremony-volunteer

Similar to the Science Fair and Project Display portion of the day, we can also use your help to set up for the Closing Ceremony. We will need help even in making our dinner a bit more celebratory by making it a potluck dinner and families bringing a cultural or family dish to share with others. If you are able to volunteer on Friday, June 17th, please fill out the form above.

Summer Enrichment Institute

A free summer program sponsored by the University of Iowa, Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE); designed to enhance the academic experience of local ICCSD secondary-level students of underrepresented populations.