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Our SWAY J event served approximately 84 students this year. We had a party for our Pathways students where TCCHS students shopped for them and then helped them wrap gifts for their family members. Buzz visited and brought cookies and drinks. Then Saturday our school family pulled together to coordinate decorations, manna boxes, transportation, wrapping and books to make Christmas more special for our youngest Jackets. Thank you to all of you who gave your time, your energy and your heart. We were all blessed.
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Teachers, Turkeys, and Good Times

Thank you to all of you teachers who participate in fun school events. You are creating a positive school climate and unforgettable memories for students!

Support Teachers are Special!

Our teachers are the best!

Have you met Ted?

I am sure that you have heard of and probably listened to Ted Talks. Did you know that there are also hundreds of short Ted Ed lessons that you can use in your classrooms? I have included four sample lessons. They include a short video lesson, multiple choice and/or short answer questions, resources to supplement the lesson, and a discussion. You also have the option to customize the lesson to your liking. Maybe you will find time this holiday to visit Ted Ed at http://ed.ted.com/ and see if you find a lesson that will work for you.

PD in the upcoming year...

What would classrooms look like if teachers asked fewer questions and students asked more? In the coming weeks, we will spend time learning how to get students to ask questions, prioritize the questions they ask, and reflect on the answers they’ve found. Teaching students to ask their own questions, guided by a question focus, is designed to help students take ownership of the learning process and engage more in classroom activities.
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