Magnets long ago.

Magnets were first discovered about 2,000 years ago.Ancient Greeks first discovered magnets when they saw a magnetic material called magnetite they saw this material attracts iron.Later China made compasses by attaching magnetite to a string and it always pointed North and that how the compass was made.
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Properties Of Magnets

A magnet is any material that attracts iron and materials that contain iron.Will pull or contract witch way it is. one end of a magnet will always point north.There is a south pole and a north pole.Magnets are used in many everyday items.
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Magnetic field

A magnetic force is strongest at the poles of a magnet,but it is not limited to the poles.Magnetic forces are exerted all around a magnet.The area of magnetic force around a magnet is known as its magnetic field.

magnetic force

magnetic force is the thing that push or pulls a magnet with way it is. Magnetic force is all around a magnet its strongest at its poles but it is still all around. the thing that makes a magnetic force is a magnetic field witch the whole earth is a magnet so thats why that works.