Bullying and Cyberbullying

These things are evil

Bullying & Cyberbullying

Tweens, Teens, and even adults are afraid of being the loner, the reject, and the outcast. In other words bullied. Bullying and Cyberbullying have awful effects on everyone. From teasing to suicide. Kids have been humiliated from a fan video, online comments can also help with that suicide. Bullying has awful and terrible effects

Bullying is traumatic in anyway to anybody.

Because, many students Middle school- High School stay home from bullying… actually 160,000 students stay home because they are being bullied at school.

Numbers, Numbers! They are so many bullying makes. How many bullies there are, How many bystanders, and the victims….there are billions. In fact bullying is like numbers it’s infinite unless you tell someone.

Cyberbullying’s has awful, terrible, and horrible effects.

Posting, Texting, E-mail, Saying LOL, BRB, or OMG! But how about posting a sign of help like SOS? Since, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Cyberbullying has gone viral.

Cyberbullying, is like regular bullying, just as damaging...except you’ll never know the suspect hiding behind the screen.

Here’s an example of cyberbullying, a huge star wars fan from Canada ehh! Made a parody video of star wars for fun using funny props like a golf club as a lightsaber, he posted it online to show the world what he loved. Someone, had to be that cyberbullying, and cut him in other movie trailers or fan videos of Pacific Rim and The Hobbit. His parents, are filing a lawsuit against this.

This shows how bad this can get, bullying or cyberbullying… can call on depression and taking your life. Here’s another cyberbullying example. A girl finally had gotten an online account she wanted. When a boy saw it he started putting kind and sweet comments on her pictures for a month such as “You’re my #1!” and/or “Hey Beautiful!” then when that month ended… Spiteful and hateful comments… then it hit her. She took her life that night.

One Last Example, A girl on Instagram. A fan account of a superhero cyberbullied by a different account. The “different’ account had been telling that fan account “I wish she would delete her account and kill herself!” So a friend was trying to help her getting everyone who knew to tell others to block him. She still is unsure if she is gonna stay on instagram or stay inactive.

Bullying and Cyber will never stop. We all know the world isn't perfect. So we all know right here, right now, and right this minute someone is being bullied or cyber bullied. That fan account, or that star wars fan in Canada. It will never stop in any lifetime just help keep the numbers lowing for suicide, victims, or bullies.