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November 2019

Happy November Everyone!

Once again this month, the Young Scholar Parent Newsletter will be exploring information found in the National Association for Gifted Children's (NAGC) publication Helping Your Gifted Child Succeed!

It is my hope that the information presented in this brochure will help increase access for you, as parents, to ideas and resources that can help guide your Young Scholar along their learning journey.

This month will focus on the In the Community portion of the brochure.

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Exploring Community Enrichment Opportunities

The NAGC brochure Helping Your Gifted Child Succeed! includes the following suggestions when considering community resources to help your Young Scholar discover their strengths and explore interests and abilities.:

  • Universities and community organizations offer after school, weekend, summer, and online enrichment programs.
  • Mentors and talent experts can be guides and sources of knowledge and inspiration.
  • Activites and outside courses can nurture talent and help establish friendships with those who share the same interests.
  • Group and individual projects or competitions can help to build lifelong skills.

Fortunately, a wide variety of resources like those above can be found in and around our community. However, there are sometimes also a wide variety of challenges (cost, time, transportation to name a few) that can make it hard to take advantage of these opportunities. Here are a few suggestions for navigating through potential roadblocks to resources:

  • Schools, libraries, and other organizations often offer free extra-curricular classes and enrichments. Keep a lookout for information that may come home with your Young Scholar.
  • Check to see if a program has financial assistance available that can pay for part or all of the cost. Many do!
  • If you want to find something really local that also fits your time schedule, consider coordinating an enrichment group of your own. Parent participation is often the key to getting groups going, and you don't have to do it alone. Support is available through the sponsoring organizations.

Check out our November Resources section below for more information on community opportunities for your Young Scholar.

To access the NAGC brochure Helping Your Gifted Child Succeed!, click underneath the pictures below for links to both a Spanish and English version:

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Information, Resources and Opportunities for Your Young Scholar

You want your Young Scholar to build and explore their interests, but finding just the right opportunity at a time and place that works for you can be challenging. Hopefully, the resources below can make it a little easier to help your Young Scholar discover their strengths and explore their abilities.

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