Common Core at Gerber Elementary

Useful Resources

As we move toward the implementation of the common core here at Gerber Elementary school, I have been thinking of resources that I could share which would hopefully ease some concerns that I know many teachers share nationwide. What is "common core"? What does it mean for my teaching? What am I supposed to do? Do I have to rework my entire curriculum? These are all questions that we as have as educators. My hope is that as we move through the next school year and beyond, the following resources will be as useful to you as they have been for me.

The brokers of expertise website includes a wealth of information related education. It serves as a place for educators to connect with one another to access tons of information. It has extensive common core information including professional development modules and resources provided by teachers. Check it out!

California Department of Education

This state website includes all common core standards, as well as information that can help you address the questions that parents may ask about what they mean for schools.


If you have a google account, you can join google+, which has some communities devoted to discussions about the common core. Teachers nationwide interested post comments and articles and then discuss. I haven't used this a ton, but......another resource.

You are a wealth of knowledge! If you have resources, please share!!!

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