September News Team Radiant Joy

Celebrating your August Success


I love everything about fall! Fall colors, cooler weather, football season, pumpkin everything, back to school routines, the start of the best income earning season, new fall catalog, more parties on my calendar! What is not to love?!

I also love celebrating you!! I hope you know how much you are cheered on from my house and prayed for too! I think you are all so incredible and you have so much to offer those around you! While August wasn't necessarily a record breaking month ~ there is still plenty to celebrate!

Get ready ladies....fall is gonna rock!! :)


Parties Held: 2

Personal Recruits: 0

Personal Sales: $1054.00

Paycheck: $546.16

It pays to help others build their dreams! Had I not chosen to be in leadership my paycheck would have been $263.50


Number of Consultants: 46

Number of Team Parties held: 23 *Our minimum team goal every month is 35 parties

Team Recruits: 2

Team Sales: $10,126.00

Team Resources:

Mentoring calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, focus your business or hold you accountable to your goals. Please email me if you are interested. I have loved mentoring those of you who have called in! My door (or phone) is always open to help you!

We also have a team Facebook Page that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Many of our trainings and business tips are announced there. Here is the link.


Top Party Girls! -

Woohoo to Kay Jacobson with 3 Parties submitted

And Sally Benner and Amanda DeSmith with 2 Parties submitted.

The party is where it is at...keep your calendar filled and you will always be in business! I'm looking at celebrating your income earned this fall...and the best way to do that is to book more parties at home, online or catalog parties.

Top in Personal Volume:

Kay Jacobsen with $2140.00!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the following ladies for actively working your business this month by partying and placing orders totaling $500 - $999

Jodie Pfeffer $919, Meghan Blenker $787, Amanda DeSmith $676, Ashley Berends $632, Sally Benner $565

The following ladies had sales from $200 - $499

Chasity babl $303, Ashley Wagner $280, Angel Prochnow $268, Amanda Nelson $222, Kim Amen $213, Amber Wiesender $211, Shalina Osburn $203, Shannon Van Allen $203, Lisa Cormican $308, Rhonda Nelson $204, Nikki Clark $202, Jacque Wilman $200

Congrats to all of you....and way to work your business each month so that you receive a paycheck every month!

Dream Builders:

Congratulations to our Dream Builders this month...

Meghan Blenker who sponsored Stephanie Backes in August


Amber Wiesender who sponsored Stephanie Raymond in August!

Welcome Stephanie and Stephanie!!!!!

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

$1000 Party Girls

Yay for Kay Jacobsen with a Party of 1205!!!

Way to go ladies...I'm sure we would all love to know what you did to get that awesome party! Share with us on the team page or email me and I can share for you!

Collect 6 postcards and turn them in to me for $25 product or business credit! Collect postcards for Top 5 in Sales $1500 or above. Being a Dream Builder, Top Party Girls 3+ Parties in a Month, Become a Qualified Consultant, $1000 Parties. You keep track of your postcards and turn them in to me for your reward.

Team Training...Mark Your Calendars!

Coming up on Thursday, September 24th at 8pm we with have a team training. This training will be covering skills to work your business more effectively!

Going forward there will be two times a month you will have the chance to learn more about doing what we do! Dates to follow!

Thank you each for your contribution to our team! I'm so glad you are all a part of this wonderful world of Thirty-One with me! I hope it blesses you like it has me! God Bless!

All my best,