Wheeler Preschool News

September 6-9 and September 12-13

Welcome to the Zoo!

Our theme for the next 3 weeks is Zoo! We will be reading books about the zoo, and learning about the different animals in the zoo. We will also be looking at what a zookeeper is and what they do during their day!

Our Academic Focus

This week and next week, we will focus in something called auditory discrimination. It is a basic skill our kiddos need in order two hear sounds in words, a critical reading skill. You can do this at home, as well. You can make a sound, or play a sound, and ask your child what that sound is. To enhance the game, you can play up to 3 sounds in a row and see if your child can remember the order they were played.

As stated in our previous newsletter, we will be working on letters in the order that helps with writing development. So our first letter is L. We use a curriculum called Handwriting Without Tears. This curriculum uses wooden pieces to build the letters. If you would like an "at home" set of pieces, let us know. They will be laminated paper, but serve the same purpose.

Our number focus is the number 1, and our shape focus is a circle.

Handwriting Lesson: Building Capital Letters

Don't forget to sign up for parent teacher conferences!

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 8am to Friday, Sep. 16th, 12pm

1818 South Avenida Del Sol

Tucson, AZ

Here are the links to sign up:

Ms. Tami https://signup.com/go/ajQWMiA

Mrs. Cherie https://signup.com/go/udwsqhE

Class Dojo Monster

Did you know? Your child can edit their ClassDojo monster! Some options require the upgrade, but there are plenty of options with the free version. Mrs. Cherie's son, Noah (in Ms. Tami's class), demonstrates how to pick your monster details on the computer while also demonstrating how to delay Mrs. Cherie in finishing this newsletter! ;) You just have to go into their kid account to edit on your app or your computer. Have fun! :D
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Dates to Remember

Sept 15&16 - Parent Teacher Conferences. No school for preschoolers! Early dismissal for K-5!