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4th Grade Apps to explore mobile learning possibilities

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Picture: Meaghan Quinn Marketing,. 'HUNA - An Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy - Meaghan Quinn Marketing'. N.p., 2014. Web. 15 Mar. 2015.

Like a limitless sky, providing students with limitless opportunities to succeed and learn in a way that works for them, any time, any place and at any pace is essential. As educators we need to find ways to push the boundaries and allow students to experience that anything is possible and they too can leave "footprints on the moon".

Each of the below apps have a Grade 4 level focus and can be experienced on an iPhone or iPad in the classroom or at home.

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What is "4th Grade Friendzy" All About?

4th Grade Friendzy is an app that allows students to answer questions in a variety of subject areas. They can play by themselves for knowledge practice, play against a friend, or connect with someone around the world and play with them. When students connect with others around the world this allows for the app to be used as a Redefinition tool from the SAMR model as students could never have connected and learned in such a way before. Parents can also be involved by viewing their children's scores as well as see the amount of time they have been playing on the app.

This app is available in different grade levels, subjects and specific learning areas like reading and spelling. This allows students the options of focusing on key areas they feel they need to improve.

Classroom Use

This is a great app for student to use for year end review before cumulative tests. Students are able to apply what they have learned in an engaging way that also can connect them with their friends.

This app could also be used as a review for students in Grade 5. I would have a brain booster time when students would be able to review their previous knowledge in a certain subject before we began the new material.

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What is "NFL Play 60" All About?

This app gets you up and running...literally! Run fast, jump high and turn quick to build up a sweat, collect coins and get football power-ups! The America Heart Association and the National Football League has created this app to get everyone up and moving in an exciting and interesting way. The more you move the more your character moves and the more funky characters you unlock. So get up and get moving!
NFL Play 60

Check out this website that is connected with the App.

Classroom Use

This is a great way to get your students to be more active. This could be used as your Daily Physical Activity in your classroom. By getting your students up and moving, it gives their brains a break and teaches them the benefits of being active. You can have a different student every time holding the iPad and run a course as a class or if a certain student needs a quick break during seat work you can have a place in the classroom where students can access this game. I would also continue to have students use the app at home to get them active and challenge them to see how far they can run the course.
AHA-NFL PLAY 60 app Demo
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What is "Splash Math" All About?

This app has a collection of interactive math problems that reinforce key concepts. There are 11 main categories with a variety of specific skills that can be chosen in each that leads to an number of practice games. When playing each game if you get a question incorrect the reason for why it is incorrect is provide to further teach students the concepts and skills they are practicing. Parents can also track their children's progress through weekly reports that can be emailed to them.

This app is available to download for Grades K to 5.

Classroom Use

This app is a great way to improve and review students skills in any area of math. I would use this app to help students with difficult concepts so they can gain experience and knowledge with the concept. When teaching a difficult skill I like to create Math stations that allow the students to work on a new skill in different ways such as using manipulatives, a work sheet, a discussion centre etc.. This would make for another great station where students can practice the skill in a different way. They can also learn how to use the app as they practice what was just taught. Since it is an app, at home access can be utilized to allow students to continue their practice or review if they still are not yet confident with the skill.
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What is "Learn French by MindSnacks" All About?

This app is all about learning how to speak another language, in this case French. It provides an option for a variety of different levelled learners to use this learning tool. From beginner (barely knowing words int hat language) to advance (knowing the language fluently) it will provides engagement and appropriate difficulty for all language learners in your class. This is a great example of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as this app provides assess to all students no matter their skill or level of understanding to learn a variety of essential skills in that language. The app provides a lesson first and then a game. Only so many lessons are offered in the free version before you have more. To get a 50 lesson french package is $5.79 or if you want to use the app for all the languages then a 400 lesson pass is $22.99.

This app is also not limited to languages other than English. English is also featured where students can learn words, sentences, spelling and more, allowing your English as a Second Language (ESL) learners an opportunity to use an app to help them while not singling them out.

MindSnacks -- Official Trailer

Classroom Use

This app is fantastic for Grade 4's. They are being introduced to a second language, likely French, and it is a great way to review certain areas such as body parts, months, fruits, activities and more. Again this app is most beneficial to be used as a review tool, not a teaching tool. After a new concept is taught students could have access to the app to practice their skills.

This is also a great auditory app, for when you click on a word the app says the word. When students are reviewing at home they can listen to the proper pronunciation of the word.

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What is "English Reading Comprehension" All About?

Improving reading skills by working through different lessons in a package is what this app offers. Each short story has a couple of questions to answer based on the story's content. This is a Substitution app in the SAMR Model for it is taking a task that can be done with paper and pencils and putting it into an app form. This app allows students to practice their comprehension skills and receive quick feedback and opportunities to re-attempt the story to improve. There are 50 free reading comprehension packages and then each additional package of 50 lessons can be purchased for $2.99.

Classroom Use

During my practicum we had school wide reading program where students from all the grades were placed into similar reading levelled groups. This app could be introduced in each classroom to allow students to work on their reading comprehension skills in their levelled groups and provide them with the opportunity to discuss each answer. This app allows students to enhance their understanding of the story and strengthen their reasoning skills.
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What is "4th Grade Learning Games" All About?

This app focuses mainly on Math and Language Arts. There are three different categories that are initially available and by working through these categories you can further unlock the other 7. All the mini-games are in align with specific learning outcomes that can be tied to the curriculum you are teaching.

This app is offered for all the elementary school grade levels.

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Classroom Use

This app is great for the early Math finishers. When a task is completed students can gain further practice by working through mini games related to the concepts taught in class and unlock other levels. I would mainly use this app for early finishers because this app could allow for students to just randomly guess and choose answers instead of actually solve the questions. Because of this it is a more self motivated game where rewards are not gained other then other categories being unlocked so it would be an activity that students would be engaged in but would still complete their work before rushing into the extra work.
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What is "Stack the Countries" All About?

This app allows students to interact with the countries by learning their facts, locations, landmarks and more. The more questions you get correct the more countries that come to life and allow you to "stack" them on top of one another. Students can focus on specific locations or continents or play with the whole world. This social studies focused app introduces students to geography and provides them with the opportunity to explore the world in greater depth then time in the classroom may allow.

Classroom Use

This app would be used as an extra resource for students to be able to further explore about the world when they have extra time in their social studies class. This app would also help students who are doing research on a specific continent to gain more information.
Stack the Countries

Mobile Learning App Review

Each app is ideal for a Grade 4 classroom but can be adapted to many different classrooms and learners. The key with mobile learning apps are to provide students with limitless possibilities to be engaged and learn any time, any place, and at any pace. These apps need to be used as a tool to enhance the learning experience and not replace essential learning.