Mid-Semester Evaluations

If you are feeling behind in your classes... it's not too late! Today, we sent out mid-semeter evaluations to all your instructors asking them for feedback on how you are doing in your classes. We hope to intervene before the end, so that you can still be successful. As we respond to these evaluations we will be calling you in to talk more about some success strategies. You are not in trouble! We just want to help! Please take the time to schedule!
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Another Workshop Alternative!

If you cannot make one of the many workshops that we have scheduled for you... here is another option! Go to the McLennan Career Fair on Wednesday, April 6th, pick up a pass (there will be a table where they are handing them out) and bring it back into the front desk for WORKSHOP CREDIT. There will be over 80 local employers there WITH JOBS ready to be filled! Even in you already have a job this could be great experience!
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Fall 2016 Registration Opens on April 4th!

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Have you NOMINATED a staff/faculty member yet?!

We would love your feedback! Please take 2 minutes and complete this survey requesting your nomination:


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Become a TRIO LEADER! Apply for TSA or Peer Mentoring by March 31st! Get the leadership experience you need for your resume & transfer applications!

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Cultural Event: "The Magic Flute" Play at MCC

Friday, April 1st, 5:30pm

1400 College Drive

Waco, TX

Come have a great FREE meal and then support the MCC theater by watching the great production of "The Magic Flute" with out TRIO SSS students!


The mission of TRIO SSS at MCC is to provide free services for qualified students by helping them stay in school, succeed academically, graduate and transfer to a four-year university.