Freak The Mighty

By : Rodman Philbrick


They started calling Kevin freak because he was weird and didn't talk to nobody. His favorite thing was robots, he was actually thinking about getting a transplant in his body because he wanted to be like a robot. It was risky but he wanted to be the first person to get it. He helped Max he helped him read because when the Mrs. Donelli showed him he wouldn't understand but with freak it was something else he would understand everything which made it easier for him. Max said " I never had a brain until freak came along, " he had always been called stupid, slow, dumb. Freak and Max were like a team they would do things together and help each other, they were both weird in different ways. They would go on quest together and Freak would show him places nobody has been at, they had went on this one quest were they found a purse and they recognized it, it was Lorettas and her sister Iggy. Iggy was scared because they found it and was trying to remember where they had got it from and why they had it, when she remembered she left them alone and made Freak and Max leave she was thinking of doing something to them but she didn't.

Freak was a good friend but not a lot of people would talk to him. Max wouldn't have much friends either but he got use to being alone and being independent. For Max it was a blessing when Kevin ( freak ) came into his life, his life changed and he started seeing things in a different way. It was kind of sad when Kevin dies at the end because he had a seizure a day of his birthday. Max went to ICU where freak was at, freak smiled when he saw Max he told him to write all the adventures and things they did together. Dr. Spivak told him he wasn't going to make it and eventually was going to die, Max was heartbroken when they told him he was sad. He missed his funeral and remembered what Kevin told him to do and so he did he wrote everything he remembered, he wrote about how he helped him read and other stuff and other memories they had.

This book was really interesting, i liked how Freak and Max got close to each other and helped each other out.