Please Stop Laughing At Me

by Jodee Blanco


"Please Laughing At Me" is a book about a girl who is bullied. She has moved schools, even houses, multiple times and she is still an outcast. She tries to fit in and then she does something someone doesn't like and she gets bullied. Even teachers start bulling her. Her parents take her to doctors and psychiatrists but nothing changes and she just starts to hide it. She became severely depressed and One day she took knifes and cut her face so her grandpa and mom rushes her to the ER. After that she becomes more depressed and begins to write poems about death and killing people. One day there is a high school reunion and she is hoping that the kids will forget about bulling her. Will they remember or forget?

Character analysis

The main character in please stop laughing at me is Jodee Blanco. She is being bullied at every school she goes to. Jodee isn't very shy, loves public speaking and writing ("it didn't take long for me to get the rhythm of junior high. Creative writing was my favorite class." page 109.) She has little to no friends. The conflict in the story is that Jodee is an outcast and can't seem to get people to like her.

conflict and theme

the theme in "Please Stop Laughing At Me" is to stop bulling. I think that the conflict is character vs society because she is being bullied my everyone at school even teachers. Jodee over comes her conflict by going to a high school reunion and everyone was kind to her so she got to know them better and just let it all go.

book review

i think that "Please Stop Laughing At Me" is a really good book. I think that it teaches a good lesson that bullying isn't okay. I would recommend this book to teens because that's where bullying is the worst i think, through out middle and high school.

textual evidence

One of my favorite quotes from the book is on page 87 and says "Why are the kids that get picked on by the school bullies always the ones who get poked and prodded in psychiatrists offices?" This is one of my favorite quotes because to me it is kind of saying why do bad things happen to good people or why is all the bad things happening to people who don't deserve it.
Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools

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