sike caster

citrus city

Sike caster and country swett heart

2015 today at citrus city, two heroes rush to beat voxide. Sike caster and country swett heart come to save the day once again. Voxide came rushing into citrus to destroy the two heroes he had heard of. The police called backup, in twenty minutes sike caster and country sweetheart rushed to his side. Country swett heart was running so fast she flew to voxide as he sprayed her, the people of citrus around them gasped. Voxide was running up to the police officer tryed to call more backup, sike caster ran up to voxide and hallucinated him to buy the police officer some time. The police officers then ran to the leader of the police officers as sike caster stopped and voxide sprayed all the police officers and they fell to the ground. Sike caster rushed to country swett heart, then sike caster ran up to voxide and illousinated him, then behind sike caster came country swett heart. Then voxide ran for both of them, country swett heart did a back flip onto voxide she held him down while sike caster started a little tornado in her hands. Country swett heart ducked and let go of voxide, then sike caster threw the tornado at voxide and he got sucked in and carried away.

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frequently asked questions

how did country swett heart come back? answer: police, how did sike caster form the tornado? answer: her weather controlling ability, how do yall do so good at team work? answer: they try there best at all there battles.

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we work togeteher, united we stand, didvided we fall!!!!