Biome Project- Temperate Rainforest

By: Megan Toper

Temperate Rainforest Location

Temperate rainforests are located on the coasts in temperate zones. The largest one is on the Pacific coast of North America. Smaller ones are found in Chile and South America.

Temperate Rainforest Climate

Temperate rainforests have two seasons. One is long and wet and the other one is short and dry. The weather is always cool even in the dry season because the fog supplies enough moisture to sustain the rainforest. The average temperature is 50 degrees F.

They get about 30 to 60 inches of rain per year.

Six animals that live in the temperate rainforest

Mountain lion

An very important adaptation for a mountain lion is the size of their paws and their long tail. The large paws help them jump high and their long tail helps them maintain balance.

An interesting fact about a mountain lion is that nearly half of america has seen a mountain lion.


A raccoon's adaptation are that they are nocturnal which mean they come out at night to hunt for food. This keeps them away from humans. A fun fact about the raccoon is that they live on fat reserves and can lose up to half their body weight during the winter.


Bison have tuned hearing and smell which they use to detect prey and predators coming their way. An interesting fact about a bison is that they can run up to 40 miles an hour.

Gray wolf

Some adaptations that the gray wolfs have are that their fur is a great insulator to keep them warm. Also, they have fleshy paws that are helpful for traction in the winter.

Roosevelt elk

The Roosevelt elks strong body structure helps allows them to swim, trudge through snow, and climb high elevations. An interesting fact about a Roosevelt elk is that they only live from 18-22 years old.

Pacific Tree Frog

Pacific tree frogs use their camouflage to help them blend in with the environment and stay hidden from predators. an interesting fact about them is that they have toe pads that help them climb trees and plants.

Four Plants that live in the Temperate Rainforest

Stinging Nettle

If the singing nettle were to be placed in the desert than it would probably die because it wouldn't have enough water. An interesting fact about them is that they have a lot of iron in them.

Western Red Cedar

They Western Red Cedar needs a lot of water to survive, but it wouldn't be able to live in the Marine or Freshwater where there is water anywhere. A fun fact about them is that they are damaged by fire very easily.


The salmonberry also needs a lot of water, so if you put in it the Savanna where it is hot it would die. An interesting fact about the salmonberry is that they can grow to a height of 10 inches.


A fireweed is very flammable, so if you put it in the tundra it would be of no use. The cold would kill it off or put out any fire it made. An interesting fact about a fireweed is that if you put the seed fluff into a jacket it creates extra insulation.

Interesting Facts

1. There are four seasons

2. Temperate Rainforests in Eastern Europe are dying from acid rain

3. Oak trees that live in the Temperate Rainforest can produce 90,000 acorns.

4. There is around 30 to 60 inches of rain regularly.

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