Paper Staff Call 2/24/2017

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

First Class Flyers

Shout Out to the Academic Excellence Committee

Thank you to those of you that are sharing your time and ideas! We heard some great practices from our initial meeting. For those of you that still want to be a part, we will meet again on 3/10 and 3/17.

Launch Video 1

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Shout Out

Mrs. Daquin J, mother of Willie H., said LAVCA has the best teachers she has ever seen.

She says we are the best teachers she has seen in her life time. She appreciates the reach back with teachers. She says that Willie attends classes because he enjoys the experience.
She complimented Dr. Daniel's hiring practices and says, "Please keep it up. The teachers are phenomenal."

This feedback came from Lisa G., LC for Devon H.:
She manages a total of 15 LAVCA students per day. She thinks the DFAs are AWESOME and she is glad we are doing them; she feels they really help. She makes sure students are LISTENING to the sessions and taking notes, not just minimizing the screen.

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From the Tower...

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Head of School

~ We are all "Uniquely Brilliant!" This week, I will be representing our school in a commercial for a Uniquely Brilliant ad campaign for K12. The filming will take place in Juniper, Florida. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. :)

~Although LAVCA is closed next week, K12 employees will resume business as usual. In observance of Mardi Gras, the LAVCA office will be closed on Tuesday, Feb. 28th.

~The month of March is filled with lots of activities state-wide. This is our final stretch to continue to make an impact before state testing. State Testing is the one-week we have to showcase what we've done all year. Please continue to put in the work. "Remember, the only way we learn to do the work is by Doing the Work!"

~Baton Rouge Blended Learning Center

Ribbon-cutting details are as follows:

WHEN: Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Baton Rouge Blended Learning Center

4962 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806

WHAT: The event will include an address from LAVCA Superintendent, Dujan Johnson, remarks from the school’s deputy vice president and head of school, as well as a tour of the facility.



Please make sure that you are showing and using the LEAP online tools so the students are familiar with them in the Spring. Preview those tools here.

Here’s the K7 flight plan. Please be sure to read the FYI Notes on TVS Noting for Required Classes and Required Whole Group Sessions. Have an awesome Mardi Gras break!!!


Here is your Flight Plan for the week of March 6. As next week is Mardi Gras Break...get some rest, have some fun and make some memories. YOU are APPRECIATED!

*Some updates have been made to the flight plan. Please use the link to see the updated Google doc.


LAVCA Operations Procedures

Demographic (Address) Changes;

Proof of Enrollment; Verification forms

Use student information changes tracker; send email directly

K-7 Registrar –

La’Porsche Williams

8-12 Registrar –

Shawn Kleinpeter

Request for Leave forms

Managed in “new”

HR portal – Bamboo

Please send a calendar invite to your designated supervisor and complete request in Bamboo; Approval from designated supervisor is required.

Tech/Computer Issues

Submit a ticket to the teacher Help desk

K12 Managed help desk



Operations Troubleshooting on:

Student Support - Course Materials, Materials Reclamations, and Hardware Issues ONLY

Option 1 – USE provided help-aids for virtual schools contact list

K12 Customer Support:



Option 2 – Trouble with help-aids; email issue to K Davis

Operations Manager –

Records Request/Release

Contact Registrars

(K-7) Mrs. Williams

(8-12) Ms. Kleinpeter

Driver’s License’s Verification Forms

Special Programs

Concerns regarding students who are not already identified with a disability (IEP/IAP) must go through the SBLC process. A referral to SBLC can be found here:

The SBLC chairperson will contact the LC/parent and other members of the committee to address concerns.

Students who are already identified with a disability (IEP/IAP) concerns must be addressed by the respective team (IEP Team/504 Team). Contact the student’s case manager to address concerns.


Please do not email Annemarie about students who are in the FAST tiers. If you have questions/concerns, please email your FASL and/or Liz.

To help with collaboration efforts, members of the FAST team will have Open Office Hours for teachers. Stay tuned for schedules after Mardi Gras break.

There should also be time for collaboration between grade bands and FASLs during the first staff call of the month.

Here is a list of FAST students.

Here are our latest FAST metrics.

When you make referrals, please make sure that you have:

1) at least 3 contact attempts (ANY type of contact attempt from any of the student's teachers)

2) sent the FAST referral letter

3) Completed the Students First Teacher Compliance Referral Note template

*It's a good idea to check the list of FAST students or TVS notes to make sure you don't make a duplicate referral.

If you have a student in FAST, you should expect:

1) student contact at least bi-weekly by the FASL/FAST member assigned

2) current, up-to-date BOTs

3) invites to BOT meetings

4) movement through the tiers in an appropriate time frame

Please refer to TVS for notes about the student progress. FASLs/FAST members regularly make notes in TVS.

Please continue to reach out to the students that you have referred to FAST. The FAST team is working in conjunction with teachers to get students Back on Track.

Many of the students who enrolled in January have been referred to FAST and are now working with a FASL for extra support.

We realize some students may have been placed in your homerooms without a Welcome Call. Those students remained in FASL Strong Start rooms; however, we thought it best for the student and you to have the students placed in homerooms considering the time of year. All students at this point should have had a Welcome Call.

Over 93% of the new students attended orientation. Here is the information that they received during that orientation.


A Quick Tune Up

Research Topic 1


Tech Tip Take Off

Be A Class Contributor

Reinforce and reward effort and engagement in your classroom in a meaningful way by using "Class Contributor Badges!" Each time a student contributes to an activity or discussion on the microphone (or chat or whiteboard if that is your expectation) you can easily praise the student with a visible "badge" next to their name in the participants window.

With the Class Contributor Badge you can:

-Clearly see which students have participated- maybe call on someone else?

-Clearly see which students have not earned their badge yet- give some encouragement, note, and follow up!

-Give students a chance to give praise and encouragement to each other!

After we discussed Class Contributor Badges during one of our Instructional Coaching conversations last year, Sarah Lishka at ORVA made it a personal goal to implement Class Contributor Badges into her Class Connect sessions. She sets expectations, encourages students to earn their badges each class, gives praise and recognition as she gives out badges for contributions, and takes time at the end of class to ask students to look at all of the Class Contributor Badges and shout out a big "thank you" to Class Contributors on the microphone. Sarah has seen gains in participation, meaningful class contributions, microphone usage, and positive class culture.

Be a Class Contributor

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