Puerto Rico Immigration

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Puerto Rican Flag

The Puerto Rican flag was first used in December 22, 1895. It was used when a group of 59 people led by Julio J. Henna organized a political attached to the Cuban revolutionary group. This advocated independence. It was also used several times later but became the national flag on July 25, 1952.

Map of Origin

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Culture Highlights

Important Puerto Rico People

Gilberto Santa Rosa

He is a important because he is a writer and a really good writer. As well he advanced the Puerto Rico literature.

Dr. Beauchamp Pedro

He was a specialist certified by the american reproductive endocrinology.

Gilberto Santa Rosa

Was a famous singer of many musics. These musics are called salsa, bolero and a thing called bandleader.

Fun Facts

Important organization and other things were made by Puerto Rican's such as the Aspira made in New York a non profit organization

New York has the highest concentration of Puerto Rican's

Are the second largest Hispanic group in Us which takes up 9% of the US Hispanic population.

Map of Texas

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Pull Factors

US was the ideal choice for Puerto Ricans for many reasons. One reason is that in 1917 US declared that all Puerto Ricans are US citizens. Another thing was because US was a young country and there were many opportunistic. Mostly jobs and money. As well it wasn't overpopulation here.

Push Factor

They left because the economy in Puerto Rico was bad. As well they were controlled by mexico and mexico was defeated in the war. Another thing they left was becasue that Puerto Rico was overpopulated. Puerto Rico already had too few jobs and it was over populated. The wealth too was a issue. The money wasn't distributed as it should be. Some people had too much money and some people had too little.

Analisis paragraph

Well all in all my results say that Puerto Ricans mainly came to America because in 1917 the government gave all the Puerto Ricans US citizenship. As well there are many job opportunities in the US. Why did they leave Puerto Rico is because of many reasons. First of they had a bad economy. Another thing is that they have a overpopulation. And finally they had way to little jobs. And why and where did they settle in Texas. There are many reasons for that as well like they settled in mainly urban areas. Such as Houston Dallas. And they settled there because of the jobs for labor and opportunities.