A Career That Will Surely Grow On You!

What do I need to become such thing?

A good scientist needs a good education. Here are the minimum requirements in becoming part of one of the best paying jobs:

- A bachelor's degree in Microbiology

You must also have taken the following programs with this degree:

- Bioinformatics

- Virology

- Immunology

You must also have taken laboratory courses to see on-hand how microorganisms react and behave.

If you wish to work in more high-leveled research projects, you will need more requirements, such as a Master of Science Ph.D in Microbiology or subfield like bacteriology.

If you plan to be a biologist, find a certain field you'd like to work in, and receive a degree and take courses in that field. For example, a marine biologist needs a degree in biology, as well as high knowledge in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and even Engineering.

What places offer degrees in this area?

What if I'm currently still in high school?

If you are currently in high school (ah, the old times..), and want to pursue a career in biology/microbiology, it is suggested you take extra classes in science and mathematics (such as AP Physics/Chemistry/Biology or even Advanced Algebra) to help prepare you for later courses in college.