Arbonne30 Maintenance Program

How to turn this program into a LIFESTYLE

Congratulations on completing the Arbonne30 Program

This is the first step towards becoming the BEST version of yourself, and you should be beyond proud of yourself. The next step is to learn how to turn this program into a lifestyle so that you can continue to reap the benefits of fueling your body with what it needs.

Please make sure you take some time to ACKNOWLEDGE your progress. Your journey may not have been perfect, but you made progress and that should be celebrated!


In order to achieve anything you need to know where you're going or what you're working towards. Set a NEW GOAL for yourself. Healthy Living isn't a destination. We never ARRIVE. It is a journey we embark on and a journey we continue to navigate daily. We hope you stay on this journey with us to live your BEST life possible!

What does that new goal look like? It can be as simple as a time goal - "I will stay on the program until____________." The longer you stay on plan the easier it will be for you to create the HABITS that you need to truly make this a lifestyle.

Or that goal could be:

I want to fit into ___________.

I want to lose__________pounds or inches.

I want to be able to do__________(run a 5k, etc)

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We highly recommend you consider following the 80/20 rule. What does this mean? It means that 80% of the time you eat on plan and 20% of the time you don't.

What does that look like? Now, this is a crucial piece for you to define. What does the 20% look like in your day or week?

Some of our clients have defined it as:

  • I will drink 1-2 coffees a day and alcohol on weekend - all other meals and beverages are on plan
  • I will enjoy an off plan meal 1-2 times in the week (monitoring portions) and all other meals and beverages are on plan

There is a very delicate balance with the 80/20. Have a listen to Certified Health Coach and Arbonne Executive Regional VP Michelle Bazinet explain how to make this rule work for you. (video coming soon)

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Even though we don't count calories........

Even though we don't calories, the above image explains what the rule is. Let's use calories as an EXAMPLE. If you are consuming 2,000 calories a day this means that 400 of those calories can come from off plan foods. 400 isn't a lot - but it could be that little "treat" daily.

Choose wisely and you will feel more satiated!

When making choices ask yourself: Will this bring me SHORT TERM satisfaction or LONG TERM fulfillment?

WHAT'S NEXT? Option 1 - Refer Your Friends

If you are not at your goals yet, we strongly recommend continuing on with the next group and getting another kit. Remember that Arbonne has an incredible REFERRAL PROGRAMwhere you can qualify for $450 worth of products for only $105 just be referring 3 people to do the program alongside with you!!!! The easiest way to do this is to authentically share your own journey, success and results on the program with others. The biggest compliment to your coach, is a testimonial and a referral, so start thinking about who you know that needs this program and who wants to join our next Challenge group!
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Option 2 - 80/20 Maintenance Package

Since you have completed the program, Arbonne is giving you a FREE Product Voucher on your account that you can use towards your Maintenance Package.

If you have reached your goals, we recommend starting an 80/20 lifestyle. This means continuing doing the fizz/digestion drink, 1 shake a day, compliant snacks and meals and 20% of the time allowing for flexibility and some cheats. This will 100% maintain what you have accomplished during this program, PLUS you will continue to see results. Below is what we recommend, and you can discuss directly with your Arbonne Ambassador.

*We also strongly recommend taking advantage of Arbonne's Autoship program. With a qualifying order, you will gain access to an additional free product of the month!

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Option 3 - Start your own Virtual Health & Wellness Business

Learn about turning this expense into an INCOME. Most people dont realize that there is a lucrative income opportunity attached to these products and amazing program. If you feel that this program is a game changer and you are interested in sharing your story and inspiring others, please take a peak. If you are looking to make an additional stream of income but are already busy, take a peak. If you are ready to create a virtual stream of income all from your phone and laptop just for becoming the best version of yourself...take a peak. You have nothing to loose and so much to gain. I welcome you to check out the below video to see if this is something that could in fact be a fit for you.
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