The Canterbury Tales

The Monk

Specific Occupation:

Abbot: the head of the abbey.

Almoner: officer of a monastery who helped the poor and sick.

Barber Surgeon: shaved the faces and tonsured of the monks and performed light surgery.

Cantor: lead the choir.

Cellarer: supervised provisioning of the monastery.

Infirmarian: in charge of the infirmary.

Lector: entrusted with reading the lessons in church.

Sacrist: responsible for the safe keeping of books, vestments , and for the maintenance of the monasterys buildings.

Prior: apprentice of the abbot.

What does the need tell us?

People during that time period were losing the seriousness of religion. They weren't overly appalled over the monks practices in riding and hunting.

What is his social standing?

They were poor workers, who did side jobs and hardwork for monastarys. However, in the story, the monk was more into hunting and seemed wealthy enough.

What would his day to day life be like?


Provide medical care to he community

Brewing alcohols

Copy religious manuscripts


In the story: hunting and horse riding.

What doesn't Chaucer not include?

He describes the monk as a traveler and a hunter, but the monk in the Middle Ages is described as very religious. The monk doesn't wear a hat in the middle ages but appears in the Canterbury tales.

What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?

The closest occupation the monk would correspond to would be a priest. A priest dedicates his life to his religious practices and celibacy. They live in churches and read religious scripts.


The monk was a fine man,

He loves to hunt and travel.

He could care less of his typical practices, and has more love of the sport.

He rode many pretty horses.

He ignored authority and went with more modern practices.

Ignored those who said hunters weren't holy men and went with his way.

and i agreed that his views were sound.

Was he to study until his head explode and drowned himself in books.

Therefore this monk was a good man to his horse and his dogs that were swift as birds.

He has lots of fun, he spared no expense.

Wore the finest fur in the land.

With a bald head so shiny it looked like a looking glass and a face that had been greased.

With prominent eyeballs that glittered like flames.

His horse was brown as a berry.

What Lines Best Describe your Characters Physical Appearance?

The monk was a fine man.

What Line Describes your Characters Personality?

He loves to hunt and travel.

He could care less of his typical practices and has more love of the sport.

What Specific Words Add to your Understanding?










1. He didn't approve of him because he thought he was more concerned with physical objects and the enjoyment of life over god and worship.

2. Lines: 182; hunters aren't holy men.

3.Abbot, prelate.