Johann Sebastian Bach

by Kami Schwartz

Who Bach is!

Johann Sebastian Bach was a great classical composer. He was born in Eisenach, Germany on March 31, 1685, and died in Leipzig, Germany on July 8, 1750. Bach moved around lots.

Growing up

Bach grew up in a family of musicians stretching back several generations, Bach became an orphan at a young age and lived with his older brother until going off by himself. Bach's father, Johann Ambrosius, was the town musician and taught young Bach how to play the violin.
Johann Sebastian Bach - Goldberg Variations | Glenn Gould

Adult Years

Bach's first employment was at a church, and he often got in trouble for not rehearsing enough. Bach went blind at a early age and continued his music career. He had a growing reputation as a great composer and that is what got him his job at the church, bach worked for royals after.

His Music Career

Bachs claim to fame was some of his best known pieces, "tocatta and fugue in D minor", "mass in B minor'', ''the well tempered clavier'' and ''brandenburg concertos''.


Bach's music was in the baroque era. He often got criticism for being ''behind'' in music, because Italian baroque music invaded Germany and Bach still had German music.