The Hour of Code

Computer Science Education Week is December 7-13.

Get your students excited about computer programming!

The Hour of Code is a world-wide initiative to introduce students of all ages to computer programming. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event and no experience is necessary.

Why learn to code?

It's difficult for technology companies to find enough qualified people to fill the jobs they have. Most middle and high schools do not currently teach computer programming. A substantial number of successful coders are largely self-taught. Coding is a good way for interested students to develop as lifelong learners.

Coding Is Fun, and . . .

The Coders are Coming

Twitter Contest!

The Technology Integration department (with the generous support of @DrLCB) is holding a contest for all #d13staff. Take a photo of your class during its 'Hour of Code' activity and post it to Twitter. Tag it with '#d13coders' and you're automatically entered to win one of five daily prizes! Enter as many times as you like!